Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Evening voice chats at Austin

For three nights during the Austin celebrations, Linda and I participated in extremely fun voice chats during the evenings. This was something new for us since we normally cannot attend events during the evenings.

The first was during WW's (worldwide Pedalo)  Undressed or Bound quiz event on September 17, when we had so much fun trying to solve word and number puzzles given by WW.

My mischievous boo also gave me some dance animations to wear, then laughed like a loopy loon until her cheeks hurt. Melinda Nyn was also there and we had a great time.

The second voice chat started at the Cafe on September 19 (Saturday) when Aisley (AisleyRansom) had to postpone the spin the bottle event. Fortunately, Aisha had a truth ball that she could rez, and we spent the next several hours learning more about each other with regards to our BDSM likes and dislikes. And yes, Avril won the prize for the person who can say "Yes" to just about everything the truth ball asked. I also had two large cans of beer, matching Linda's input of 1.5 smaller beers. I believe the following people were there (sorry, my memory is going): Aisha Sohl, Dancer (michele.aria), LG (Lord Glasswing), Avril Aura, Sage (SageWisdom), Billy Avedon for the long haul,  and Fia (fiammetta1981), MattyG, Meme (Sozome), Kelly (kellymysterious) stayed for awhile then had to go to Rl, while Peter and cara dropped in for a short while.

The third voice chat was after the closing ceremonies on September 20 (Sunday). There was no one in the Cafe, but we figured that if we planted our butts on a Cafe chair and waited, people might come...and they did!

This time there were a lot more people who came and we played truth or dare from Aisley. There were so many people, including Ratzu, that my bandwidth was not up to all the voices talking and sometimes conked out, but we still had lotsa fun, and I managed another two cans of beer!

I stayed up with Avril, Fia, LG, and newcomer Dia long after my boo had gone to bed.

All in all we had tons of fun getting to know people and having a few laughs along the way. Thank you Austin for having such good people. More posts to come about the various events I managed to catch during the week!

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