Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Linda Lou Art Store

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, when Linda and I still did not have our common home, we used to spend our time together in her store ;-)

Old store at Viper sim
The Linda Lou store at that time was located in the Viper Sim, the motorcycle bike club that Linda belonged to here in SL.

August 2014
She had a "secret" small room in the back on the second floor, where she typically dressed and stayed, and a small balcony that extended from that small room to the outside.

September or October 2014
We typically cuddled up there, with a good view of the surrounding area, and I remember very clearly Linda telling me when we first did this that she kept getting IMs from her biker buddies asking who I was...

Nice hair!
Linda decorated the balcony and surrounding greenery according to the seasons, so during Fall for example, she'd have these colorful fallen leaves scattered all over.

Lazy bum!
Even when my baby girl was not inworld I would sometimes just sit there on her balcony. Not sure why. I guess it was because I felt closer to her when I did so. Or then again, maybe it was because I was a lazy homeless bum who liked loafing around in someone else's property instead of being a productive member of society!

Our first winter together in December 2014
During Christmas 2014, she had even added a fireplace with a roaring fire to the balcony. I remember how cute she looked in her outfit.

New store from the outside
Alas, the Viper club disbanded, and she was forced to move her store. The fact that we now had our own home also meant there was no need for a balcony or hidden room, and the new store from the outside is much less showy and entirely covered in greenery.

Landing point in store
The landing point for visitors is inside the store, and I suppose Linda had enclosed the outside in greenery because she did not want them to see the neighboring buildings.

First view
The first thing a visitor will notice are the amazing art lining the walls, as well as the aquarium and sofa set in the center.

I remember this aquarium from the first store, and I also believe one of my older friends had one in her home.

Stairs to second floor
A flight of stairs leads visitors up to the second floor of the store.

Second floor
Here again the walls are filled with wonderful art created for SL by my baby.

Elephant art that I bought in 2014 a day after I met her
When I first met Linda, she told me about her store, and the next day I visited it and bought the elephant artwork. When I told her about it, she tried to give my money back, but I told her to keep it because her work has value.

Marcus Massaro Gallery
If there's one thing that I love about my boo, it's that she is a very giving person, and Linda also set aside a room for our friend Marcus' art gallery. We even had a very nice opening ceremony for the place!

So there you have it....Linda told me that she had started out making boots and hats and other outfits for sale in 2010, but she gradually evolved to making amazing art for people here in SL, and it's always cool when I find out an old friend of mine had bought her art even before I had met Linda! ;-)

Anyways, here is the SLURL of her current store.


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