Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Good Friday with My Girl: Copters, Paintballs, and Piggyback Rides!

It was going to be a busy day, and I was woken up in great fashion by my boo.

After eating some breakfast, we met Billy and Sage for a wanderling type trip that was basically a continuation of our sailboat trip on the Linda Lou last week.

We started by piling onto the helicopter that Linda had gifted me awhile back. I had been practicing on it last time and with a little bit of luck I managed not to crash into some random tree in Sailors Cove South and burst into flames.

The route I took was the opposite of the path we would have taken last time if we had more time to sail from the Galaxy cruise ship to our home.

We landed on the ship and the three of them took a few spins on the swans moored by the side of the dock, but we soon encountered some voice difficulties and decided to move on to the next part of our trip.

I had found an interesting carnival sim the night before, and I TPed everyone over.

The name of the place is "Amusement Park, Carnival, Halloween, Midway, Club, Destination" (yes, I know, it is a kinda weird name), and the SLURL is:

The first thing we tried was  a paintball game, although we had a delay as someone who I shall not name had a slight "accident" *smh*

But we soon got our paintball guns and stormed into the arena provided for the game, which resembled a blasted out urban landscape.

In the first game, it was everyone for him and herself, and it turned out Sage had a good eye for the game and ended up the last person standing!

In the second game, it was guys versus girls, with the girls going in first and Billy and I following. Sad to say, our Dom tags did not do much good as we got our asses kicked royally by the two subbies.

In the third game, Billy and I entered first, and I immediately hid inside a derelict home facing the entrance, where I hoped to catch the two girls coming in.

Unfortunately, I forgot about the mini-map and radar, and the two girls laughed and giggled as they easily saw where I had gone. In addition, I had inadvertently framed myself in a rather large window, so when they rushed in I was a nice juicy target for them!

Needless to say I was riddled by Sage, though I did manage to put Linda out of action first and pump enough paint onto Sage that Billy made short work of her when he came into the picture!

Boys win the third game! Yay!

We then did another roller coaster ride, which was a good reason to upchuck given the ups and downs and sideways movements of the darn thing.

Finally, we came upon a really interesting ride called the Columbiad Moon Cannon.

You wear these Victorian-type space suits and enter a rather ominous looking capsule.

The capsule blasts off and rockets into space...

...landing in what I take to be the moon, with its blasted lunar landscape!

We entered an extensive cave system through one of the lunar craters, and ended up in a room with weird toadstool-like formations and green crystalline structures.

Then we were suddenly attacked by these insectoid critters!

We used our rayguns on the things, and soon cleared the room of the unwanted vermin.

But then it was time for lunch and my "loyal" friends left...leaving me to my fate at the hands of the swarming aliens!!!!

With friends like these, who needs enemies???!!!

After some "us-time", we got ready for the voice chat at 1 SLT. But before I could relog, I got a message from Linda saying "getting a piggyback ride from some guy..he picked me up..."

I rushed into SL and immediately went to  Austin, fully expecting to see my boo in the hands of some sex blood was up, and my head was about the explode....

When I got to the Cafe I demanded to know who had taken my girl, and Linda said it was some guy who told her he loved her and had promised her a car!

I was about to go bazonkers when I realized everyone was piggy-backing on some noob item passed around by Meli that you wore!

Sighs...leave it to Linda to try to get me to have a heart attack *smh*

Anyways, we all sat down to have a proper voice chat, only to find out Billy had decided  to join my harem ;-)

We had a laugh about that, and once he managed to extricate himself and find his own seat, Linda announced the threesome had been good, and saying that she "needed a cigarette now", pulled out what looked to be a smoking burrito!

The voice chat itself was the usual hodge podge of topics...

- "burrito" being a euphemism for a weed paraphernalia

- how the smoking burrito took off Sage's top, with Linda commenting and giggling about how it was totally juvenile

- Linda marveling at all the stuff she had in inventory, including a bubble above her head that said "Let's get naked!"

- Linda pretending to be from the Bronx, though her try at a New York accent sucked

- Breast cancer awareness week and why the girls should go topless for that

- paintguns and how Sage should shoot me again because of all the boasting I did about our paintgun game earlier that day (she did chase me out of the room with Linda urging her on *smh*)

And a lot of other topics that I didn't note down...

Some of the attendees included:

O-girl Aisha Sohl
Applicant Amiata
O-girl Aqua Fearne
GIS Bailey (thorgrimsinga Resident)
O-girl Belle (darlingbelle)
Dom-O Billy Avedon
Master Clemoff (Clemoff Independent)
Master Duke (dukexxl)
Tyro egoes Alter
O-girl Fia (Fiammetta1981 Resident)
GIS laila (lelie Baxton)
Habitue Linda Burnstein-King
Dom-O MK
Habitue Ninee Cerise
Peter Appletor (?)
Master Ratzu Darkstone
O-girl Sage Avedon (Sagewisdom)
Applicant Syndra (SyndraOfFinwe)
GIS Thyme (Thyme Kyrie)

Unfortunately, Linda had to leave early from voice chat.....

Later that night I chatted with Meli and Shiloh, and  also attended the 3rd year renewal vows of Ronald Schmid and Orchid Zsun.

Lots of laughter and good times, and a day that I will never forget.

Thank you baby.

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