Sunday, November 20, 2016

A new route to Siren's Isles on the Linda Lou

I had some free time Saturday night, so I took the Linda Lou out for a spin.

I had been thinking about the new route that we had discovered between our place and the Galaxy cruise ship, and I determined to explore that route further.

On the way to the Galaxy cruise ship, I found a slew of sailboats moored along an island, and when I stopped to investigate found that it was a sailing club called Fisher's Island Club, and that it was directly across from the Cooper Creek Wilderness Area that I had visited in early 2015.

The place was anchored by a clean homey looking structure.

And there were a variety of sailboats flying different flags moored next to it.

It had a vast space inside, probably for dancing.

And even a piano, which I tried out.

In RL i can play the organ, and I first met my baby at the chamber while playing the piano there. Alas, Linda didn't show up again this time when I played it.

I continued on, passing the huge 3-sim Galaxy.

I noticed a tiny island to one side of the ship that functioned as the Galaxy Marina, and stopped to look it over. I had noticed people lounging here, probably fishing earlier, but there was no one there when I visited it last.

From there I sailed west before turning north and passing through a rather narrow channel formed by the tiny islands in Honah Lee South.

Once I passed these groups of islands, I turned northwest and soon came upon Sirens Isles, where I discovered to my surprise a somewhat large group of boats clustered among the various isles.

There was even one boat that had a small gathering taking place, with maybe 5 people crowded into the smaller boat, which i believe was the same model as my old Wallaby sailboat.

There were other boats moored as well:

It was an idyllic moment, and I spent some time just relaxing and looking at the place.

Sirens Isles has always been one of my favorite destinations in SL

After awhile I realized it was getting late, and raised my sails and headed back towards Sailors Cove South.

I resolved that one of these days I would bring along a few friends on one of my jaunts, similar to the trip we had made with Billy and Sage.

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