Friday, November 11, 2016

Sex in lawns and cornfields: Friday Voice Chat

Linda did not make the Friday voice chat, but it was the usual great batch of topics from the people who were there.

I should note that Peter Senna has become an applicant at Austin, he of the chocolate tendencies and the voice that makes all the female hearts at Austin go pitter patter.

The most notable discussion, and one which occupied the bulk of the proceedings, was talk about the most unusual places for sex.

I will not go into details about who said what in order to respect their privacy, but some of the most unusual locations included lawns, corn fields, and heavy construction equipment!

Fortunately, talk never got to me and I was not forced to divulge my penchant for  unusual activities in the parking lot of police stations.

Some pics of the participants below:

Belle and Peter

SageW and Billy

Ratzu, Aqua, Duke, and Laila

Marcus and Meli



Shah and Fia

Jaci and Tiger


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