Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Grand Opening of Marcus Massaro Gallery of Photographs

I attended the grand opening of Marcus Massaro's gallery of RL photographs on June 8.

The event was heavily attended, with luminaries such as Michiel Seetan and his girl Juko Tempel from Alanis Gallery and Ratzu Darkstone and his girl Aqua joining in the crowd.

The crowd waits outside
The gallery features 12 of his works from RL, and is located on the second floor of my girl Linda Lou's store at Ethmia.

Click here to get the SLURL.

Linda getting ready to cut the ribbon
The ribbon cutting was done by Linda herself, and once the ribbon was cut, people crowded into the room to view and express their appreciation of the images.

The list of people who attended included:

O-girl Aisha Sohl
Master Alvise Cliassi
O-girl Aqua Fearne
O-girl Aria
O-girl Avril Aura
sub-O CuriousHeart (CuriousHeart Resident)
O-girl Dakota (dakota0therbee)
Azu (forestofazure Resident)
Rejoining Master Duke (Dukexxl)
O-girl Jen Umaga
Juko Tempel
GIS Kat Dollinger
Habitue Linda Burnstein-King
Habitue Liss (LissomePrey Resident)
Habitue and Dom-O applicant Marcus Massaro
O-girl Marion Fadlan
sub-O and amiee Melinda Nyn
Michiel Seetan
Habitue and Dom-O applicant MK
Master Rafe Allardyce
Master Ratzu Darkstone
Dom-O applicant Rod Loordes
Woland Ashford (hulijing)
Master WW (worldwide Pedalo)

Some other people had visited before the grand opening as well, including:

Habitue and Dom-O applicant Billy (BillyEagle Avedon)
O-girl Sage Avedon (sagewisdom)

More pics from the event:

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