Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Short Trip by Heli to the Galaxy Cruise Ship

I took a few minutes to take the heli Linda had gifted me for a spin.

I decided I'd take the same route Linda, Sage, Billy, and I had taken last Friday, a short jaunt west from our home then north to the Galaxy cruise ship.

I noticed that beyond the island estates, Sailors Cove South still had that park that I had investigated so long ago in Mid-2015!

Coopers Creek Wilderness Area had large groves of banyan trees along its flanks, and I marveled again at the huge trees as I flew past.

Beyond the last inhabited islands lay open water.

I turned northwards and soon glimpsed the enormous hull of the cruise ship in the far horizon.

I have to admit, I find piloting the chopper to be quite challenging and fascinating, perhaps even as enjoyable as sailing on the Linda Lou.

I look forward to more and longer chopper trips in future.

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