Friday, October 28, 2016

A Scenic Journey on the Linda Lou with Billy and Sage (and Linda too!)

Sage had won a sailboat trip with Linda and me during one of Austin's auctions this year, and I scheduled our trip for this Thursday, October 27, 2016.

Meeting Billy and Sage at our home
Billy Avedon and Sage (SageWisdom) met us at our home in Sailors Cove South at around 8 am SLT, where we would board the Linda Lou and start our adventure!

The route of our journey
I had planned our route earlier, although there were parts of the route that I had never navigated before.

Discussing our journey
We headed north at first towards the main channel of the Blake Seas using unfurled sails, then headed due west to pass by Hollywood Airport.

Headed out (photo by SageW)
On the way out, Billy sat behind while the girls sunned themselves on some lounge chairs.

I had motored close to the airport runways when we all were suddenly swept into the sea! I immediately cammed up and saw that the Linda Lou had continued without us!

It was only through my expert sailing and swimming skills (lol) that I managed to get back into the skipper's post of the runaway sailboat and haul the rest back up on deck.

Saving the passengers from drowning!
(photo by SageW)
We then headed due west on engines to Crow's Nest, and I carefully maneuvered the Linda Lou next to the craggy shoreline.

Crow's Nest
Linda, Billy and Sage jumped out and climbed up the steep stairs to the top.

Climbing up Crow's Nest
At the top there is a memorial, a monument to Sailors in Second Life and real world sailors alike. On this Fastnet Rock in Second Life are inscribed the names of sailors who have passed on.

Fastnet Rock
Linda (of course!) managed to get in a few unusual poses *smh*

The Queen of Ham
From Crow's Nest we sailed south towards Sirens Isle, where I had my female alt Ronnie Huber guard the Linda Lou while the four of us non-alts gathered on a picnic blanket that I had spread out. It will come as no surprise that someone tried to pick her up while we were out and about....Ronnie is seriously sexy ;-)

Picnic time! You can see the Linda Lou beyond the crashed plane
After imbibing some champagne that Linda had taken out for the occasion, we piled back onto the Linda Lou and continued south, where we soon came upon the largest ship ever in Second Life, the Galaxy cruise ship!

Swan rides
I managed to moor the Linda Lou as close as possible to the dock without ramming into it, whereupon we spied some unusual swans waiting by the side.

Linda (of course!) immediately jumped onto one, and we all soon joined her in floating around on the oversized avians.

Awwww...soooo sweet!
We then boarded the Galaxy and explored its vast interior.

"Darn, will we have time to explore all THAT!!???"
My only problem was I had a  heck of a time trying to get Linda to stand still for a pic. I swear, that girl has an itch to wander around.

I think from now on I'll call her "Linda Rover", kinda like that "Mars Rover" robot, cuz she's tiny, rattles when you shake her, and has a habit of aimlessly wandering around exploring things.

Finally got Linda Rover to stand still!
One interesting thing we found out was that the elevators in the ship actually work!

Linda (of course!) went into one and after finding out that it actually worked, urged us to pile in.

Elevator ride....
We took the elevator to an Atrium, where there were drinks laid out for any weary travelers who passed through.

Champagne for the weary sailors!
We talked for awhile sipping champagne, then decided we would end our trip at this point. We had been gone for 2.5 hours already, and our get-together at our home was fast approaching.

All in all, I enjoyed the trip immensely, and I would love to do it again. Lots of laughter and exploration, and my passengers got to see some places they had never been to before.

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