Friday, January 1, 2016

Surprise Birthday Party for GIT Aisha Sohl on New Year's Day

I had scarcely rezzed inworld when Meli messaged me to say she was at a surprise dance at Austin. I Tped over and found only a few couples left, which was not surpising given that the dance had started 5 hours or so earlier! I spent the next hour or so dancing with Meli, having a great time chatting with Ratzu, Aqua, LG, Aimee, Sol, as well as Meli herself. Linda rezzed in a couple times on her phone, and while I was in private conversation with my baby girl, my always mischievous dance partner tied my shoelaces together! I swear, it is a dark day indeed in Austin when subbies are given free rein to play tricks on respectable, seriously sexy domly doms.

Below is guest blogger Melinda Nyn's summary of the event:

It was a huge surprise.  A passing comment from Girl in Silence, Aisha Sohl, a while ago - that her Birthday is on New Year's Day -  prompted Melinda Nyn to arrange a surprise party. After obtaining special permission from Austin boss, Master Ratzu, the party was scheduled for 1 pm slt on  the day.

O Girl Sassy and Melinda rushed around with streamers and balloons, decorating the Cabaret room @ Austin. DJ Painthorse Greysmark was booked but no notices were sent. It was to be a surprise. A few key people were informed in advance and gathered while valet Arie Sewell was asked to bring the girl, in her hooded cloak and still in Silence, to the venue.

On arrival, Happy Birthdays were yelled from all corners, the music played and the dancing began in earnest!

Notices were sent out and people came running to enjoy it all.

Among those present:  Aqua, Sage and her Master Billy, Sol, Aimee, Sir LG, Sir MK, Aisley, Sassy and her Master Jonathan. Ivy, Naughty and her Master Alpha, Melinda and her Master Marcus, Mari and her Master, the aforementioned Arie.

The dancing went on long after DJ Painthorse had left as Master Ratzu himself arrived - although several had left, including Aisha, having been returned to the Chateau to continue her training.

Thanks to all who attended!

- Melinda Nyn

More pictures of the event:

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