Monday, January 4, 2016

1950s Dance at Austin

Linda and I attended a 1950s dance held at Austin, with Dee Wolfe  (Diana Wolfe) providing the rocking 1950s music and Naughty Glimmer as the host.

It has been about two and a half weeks since I saw Linda due to the holidays (and we all know 2 weeks in RL time is about 2 months SL time!), and so we made the most of our first time together, buying new outfits just for the dance.

Linda gifted me a letterman jacket and jeans, which I paired with my Depraved Monkey inner shirt, while my baby girl rocked with a polka dot 1950s Betty dress and awesome looking shoes.

To complement the 1950s theme, Aqua Fearne zoomed in and out of the dancers while on roller skates, holding a serving tray precariously aloft with one hand and taking orders for burgers and fries.

The other dancers were likewise attired in typical 1950s getups, and talk about Grease and Happy Days dominated the chatter.

In the spirit of 50's Cold War rhetoric I threatened to do my Travolta impersonation, while Dee noted that she was more the Rizzo type. Linda of course, would make a great Sandra Dee, assuming you didn't mind that gentle Aussie beauty sporting a decidedly southern drawl.

Hmmmm...and speaking of it just me or do others see a future of groveling at Domme Sandra Dee's high-heeled feet for Travolta here?

Ratzu Darkstone came in for awhile and twirled with Aqua while wearing an awesome Elvis-looking hairpiece, which some had the temerity to compare to a less palatable politician's 'do! He explained that it was a Jelly Roll, where the hair is combed up and forward on both sides, then brought together in the middle of the forehead.

Of course, the 1950s is not the 1950s without mentioning burgers and fries, so talk of food dominated after I noted that Linda "looked better than a Carl's Jr".

For her part, Linda said that I looked like the captain of the football team with my jacket, and proposed that we...uh.....hug each other chastely (yeah, that's it!)....on the 50 yard line.

After my boo had to leave, I danced for awhile by myself, then swooped in on Marcus and Kota and managed to snag the prom queen herself! ;-)

All in all, a fun time was had by all, though I could not really stay until the end. Here's to more fun dances in the future!

Some participants in the dance while I was there included:

Marcus (MarcusMassaro Resident)
Linda Burnstein-King (lb Burnstein)
Dee Wolfe  (Diana Wolfe)
Naughty Glimmer
AImee  (iFyoUseeKaiMEe Swansen)
Ratzu Darkstone
Aqua Fearne
Thia (Llothia Lexenstar)
Kota (Dakota0therbee Resident)
RB Quan
FRØYA (froya Resident)

According to Kota, other people came in after I left, including:

Jen Umaga

In addition, Jen was collared today and she did an original recording for Rafe which Dee played (congrats to the two!)...

More pics from the dance:

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