Saturday, January 23, 2016

Just another Wacky Friday

Great talk at Marcus and Meli's Home
The day started out pretty well.

I had instructed Linda to wear one of the outfits I have always liked, and we lounged around at the Cafe while I ogled my baby girl, talking to Marion Fadlan, Liss (LissomePrey Resident), Tasha (tasha Haalan), Meme (Sozome Resident), and Vivienne Schell.

Topics ranged from the marble statues, to old TV shows and the actors that the girls liked now and when they were kids (Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp, Leonardo Di Caprio, Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Soul, and Kirk Cameron *smh*).

Linda had to leave early, but I stayed and continued talking to Vivienne about disaster and SF movies. After awhile we were joined by Avril Aura, then Peter (PeterJackson72 Resident), as well as visitor Adam (dwayner), and the talk turned to more...ahem... personal things. You know, girl pillow fights, domme boots, massage parlors, and other wholesome fare.

If I keep her calm she won't try for the guns on the wall and shoot me
Later that afternoon, I met Linda at the cowgirl heaven spot in Austin for some private time, before we joined Aqua Fearne, Ratzu Darkstone, and Arie Sewell for dancing at the Cafe. We talked about teen brats, some new planet beyond Pluto (thank you nerd Linda!), and licking things (don't ask).

We were going to Marcus and Meli's home later that day, and so Linda decided to buy a bottle of wine called Drunk Slut Wine, which my lush promptly started imbibing, much to the horror of everyone else. As expected, the RLV-enabled item quickly caused her to wobble around, then fall flat on her face, burping all the way down.
The calm before the duck fart storm
Thus armed with our gift, we showed up at Marcus and Meli's home soon after, with voices enabled. We were ushered into the very nicely-appointed home by our unsuspecting hosts, and I sent Meli one of the bottles of Drunk Slut Wine.

Although I had messaged her telling her not to wear it. Meli immediately took a swig at the wine and promptly fell down inebriated, losing some parts of her clothing as well!

It was only after some minutes of frantic activity that Meli managed to extricate herself from the depths of this seeming disaster, with Linda and me laughing and giggling all the while (yes, i giggle too *shamefaced look*).

Not content with causing such havoc, Linda proceeded to demonstrate to the assembled people (Billy was in as well at the time) a Duck Fart whistle that I had created and given her yesterday. Before long, clouds of noxious Linda gas billowed from the toy, while the air was filled with laughter and the quacking of various types of duck calls.

Marcus and Meli
Unfortunately, my girl had to leave as the first new guests started to arrive. Kurt (Kurt8) and Julie Tremont arrived first, then we were joined later by Sage (SageWisdom) and Tiger's Jaci (jaclinames).

Marcus and Meli offered drinks from a fridge behind the stairs, and I gratefully took a huge jug of brewski which i proceeded to down with much gusto and burping...cuz hey, I'm a guy!

They also placed on the center table a really really pink toaster that served pastry, bagel, crumpets or toast with several toppings. I believe I got a bagel but have no idea where it went. Perhaps it managed to save itself from my predatory attentions and is now living the good life under Meli's sofa.

Billy and Sage
I have to admit, I loved just sitting back in that comfy chair and having some good talk and laughs with friends, although I missed my little boo.

Talk was fast and wandered all over the place. We discussed the voice discussion at Omega earlier, the new frat room at Austin and how I managed to make off with some Bo Derek and Brooke Shields posters, the Mona Lisa, the discussion at Austin about abusive Doms and abused men in general, stalking, voice verification and morphing, and other less innocent topics.

Kurt and Julie
A couple of hours later, as the guests started departing, I ended up alone with Marcus and Meli and tried to wheedle a stay at the guest room from them. Alas, they would not fall for my drunk entreaties and I ended up staggering out the door with the big jug of brewski in one hand.

Thanks to Marcus and Meli for their very kind hospitality, and for the patience they showed to me and my boo. Crossing my fingers that we haven't ended up in the ban list on their land!

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