Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Dice Game

I have been helping Aimee (iFyoUseeKaiMEe Swansen) with a spanking game that she can use for an event she is planning to host. After we discussed the concept, we decided on a process such that:

  1. Girls can register to join the game.
  2. A Dom then clicks on one dice (which right now is colored PINK), which randomly selects from the list of girls who joined.
  3. The Dom then clicks on a second dice, which randomly selects from a  choice of impact toys, and gives the Dom the item. The toy could be a flogger, a belt, a paddle, etc.
  4. The Dom then uses the toy on the chosen girl.
  5. This ends one round.
  6. A second Dom, or the same Dom, can then have his turn, again randomly being given a  girl and a toy.

I created a prototype of the game and so far feedback has been very positive.

I even had Linda and Kota think up names for the game, and some of the names they came up with were quite hilarious, from Spank and Roll, Diddle Dice, Subbie Side Up, and Live or Let Dice, to more serious monikers such as Master's Luck.

I currently have two finalized sex games, and am now thinking of creating a store specifically for such things, though I'm running out of store alts to use.

We'll see.

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