Monday, January 18, 2016

Austin Sculptures

A late night party at Austin turned into a lesson in objectification when Ratzu Darkstone "captured" several of the girls present and posed them as marble statues for the enjoyment of the guests.

There were two marble bases at the venue, and the girls were all too eager to try out the new toys.

When I rezzed in, both Melinda Nyn and Mari Carducci were on display (Aqua Fearne soon followed up on one of the pedestals when Mari had to leave), although both had articles of clothing still attached to their slender frames. Meli had a green skirt and gossamer wings still fluttering, while Mari had some lower skirt attachment still in place.

The marble bases used RLV to relieve the statues of their clothing, and it seemed it was not up to the task of completely stripping the girls of all their outfits.

Nevertheless, with a little prompting from Ratzu and the other guests, they were soon indistinguishable from one another, their smooth glossy surfaces devoid of all personal traits.

A dancing platform was then set up close to the statues, and the rest of the girls were invited to dance to the beat of Aisley's (AisleyRansom) music stream, their sinuous frenzied movements a nice counterpoint to the immobile stances of the marbled sculptures.

Ratzu made it a point to let the girls examine their feelings as they were forced to remain silent (well, kinda silent) and frozen for the enjoyment of everyone else. We also had the chance to set the girls in various poses, some of them quite revealing, and they had to endure them all with no protest or the ability to resist.

When I asked Meli later how she liked it, she said she absolutely loved it and how it made her feel, and I decided that it would be interesting to create a similar item, but one which would have additional features such as:

(a) poses for two (or more!)
(b) a plaque at the base where people could add their own customized texture
(c) more texture options for the statues and pedestal
(d) a lot more possible poses

I talked to my mesh builder friend Serena (xurtheone), who had been working on complete mesh buildings, and this expert builder whipped up a prototype of the base in mesh pretty damn quickly!

I look forward to scripting the thing and adding lots of poses to it, as it'll be my first building foray into anything resembling objectification.

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