Friday, January 8, 2016

Another good day!

Avril looked quite comfy on top of us ;-)
We spent another day chatting and having a blast at Austin.

Earlier in the day, I had played the new dice game with Sage (Sagewisdom) and Aimee (iFyoUseeKaiMEe Swansen), with Tasha Haalan looking on. We were in voice, and much as I resisted (yes, i mightily resisted, but to no avail!!!) I got roped into testing it with them.

I picked Sage, and then got a hairbrush as my tool of choice. The hairbrush looked uncannily like a huge ping pong paddle, but that's besides the point. I sat on the chair, and scolded Sage about how she'd been a naughty girl, and I must say Sage played along quite nicely...acting meek and sorry about it all in her whispery little girl voice.

Later, we had long nice text chats at the cafe, first with Meli, then with Avril. We even figured out how to start private group chats!

Ratzu Darkstone, Aqua Fearne, RB Quan, and Dani later joined us, and Aqua made everyone laugh by turning into a balloon lady, and then into a Windup Doll. The drift into objectification continued when most everyone else had logged off, and Ratzu and I looked on as Aqua was transformed into a gorgeous marble statuary, which to be honest looked even better than some of the Alanis Angel statues.

All in all, it was another nice day with friends!

"Linda, you've been a naughty girl, haven't you?"

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