Saturday, January 9, 2016

Final day!

The day with Linda began innocently enough when Linda and I talked and did some dancing at Frank's Elite Jazz. This was my second time in the place, and as always I liked the elegant ballroom floor, although I wasn't too keen on the dance moves.

Then later that day, we both arrived rather late for voice chat.

I had made myself comfortable in my regular easy chair when Linda TPed in wearing nothing but a bikini and a ton of snorkeling gear hanging off her slender body. She hastily dressed up, and I assumed it was just her usual quirky way of surprising people (little did I know she really was diving!)

Ruminating on the significance of pink boots
It was the usual voice chat, with lots of laughter and gossip and shopping and shoe talk among the girls, but it got hairy in the end when I had to move in RL. Amid gales of laughter and giggling I cursed my way to another spot, and Linda said they could hear me going "dammit, dammit!" the entire time....anywho, at least now I know who's getting my inheritance money and who's not (*looks side-eye at his little snorting subbie*)!

Later, it was a quiet time at Austin, so I told her we could explore where she went scuba diving. After buying new scuba gear that had a million HUDs and no easy way of going up or down, we finally got some time to explore a couple of sims.

With a friendly octopus...better than squids I think
I have to admit that I really got into the thing. It was a lot of fun exploring new underwater coral reefs and finding hidden treasures. In addition to swimming among schools of colorful fish and dodging squids that inked intruders who got in the way (I got slime all over my nice new rubber suit!) we found sunken wrecks that yielded really cool treasures!

Warily looking at squid that's about to slime me
I found a Captain Jack Sparrow Doll in one chest and gave it to Linda, who was also busily accumulating goodies from other chests that were lying around a sunken ship. She was accumulating so much stuff around her that at times I was reminded of hermit crabs in the sea, who decorated their shells with tons of weird detritus!

Wondering where Linda is inside all the goodies she had accumulated
The time flew by quickly, and afterwards we rested for a short while beside the wreckage of a downed plane at Siren's Isle in the Blake Seas before retiring for the night.

Linda with all her...uh...antique "treasures"
I gotta admit I loved exploring, and perhaps going forward we can do more journeys into the various cool sims of SL with friends!

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