Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Arie Sewell's Ring Ceremony at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin

I attended Arie's Ring Ceremony on January 11.

Linda had planned to attend at least the first part of the important ceremony, but had to leave early.

Nevertheless, I was excited to be in on the event because Mari (Mari Carducci), Arie's collared submissive, is a good friend of mine.

The event was held in the Austin Pavilion, and the chairs rapidly filled with friends and members of the Austin community.

The event started with Ratzu Darkstone giving an introduction, and was followed by speeches from Alvise Cliassi, one of Arie's mentors, as well as Marion Fadlan, who spoke on behalf of Crux Maximus, Aries' other mentor (who could not be there at the time due to RL commitments).

Alvise gave a touching speech about his work with Arie, then admonished him in the end:"here you are, this is your moment, feel it, live it, savor it, and continue to work for gain experience and knowledge, in this way, you will be a special asset for Austin. Congratulations!"

Marion Fadlan came on next, and tried to lower her voice to a masterly grumbling when it came her turn to speak, in keeping with her role as the speaker on behalf of Crux.  She finished by urging him to "Stay faithful to all you hold dear, hold your Mari tight. She needs you . Always put her first!!!!!!!"

This got quite a few smiles from the gathered crowd, then Mari herself came in front of gave a very very touching and moving speech, and I reprint it here with her permission:

When Master Alvise asked me over a year ago to help him with his mentee Master Arie I agreed .....simply because Master Alvise was such a good friend and I was happy to help.  I didn't expect to do anything but to help a friend!   And what happened?  I gained by giving.   I learned a lot about my Master in just a short time and before you know it ----- His collar found a way around my neck.

What a surprise it was to offer to help a Master and then gain so much?  I have learned as much or more than I did when I first received my ring almost 5 years ago.   Austin has grown to be our home, and Master Arie has shown me a path by His side where I find joy every day.

Joy comes in many coats - just like the coat of many colors.   Joy comes in the a cup of coffee, a touch, a glance and in the knowledge that two lives join to make one.  The joining brings us hope for the future and for the lives we lead and feel together.   I think that is what Master Arie has found and the sharing of lives - and the joining brings more to us than we ever expected.

I have watched and shared Master Arie's journey en route to be a Master at Austin in so many ways.   I have seen his growth, his persistence, his skill, and his dedication to Austin.  He Has made me so amazed and proud of Him.  His mentors Master Alvise and Master Crux used their skill, plus the training program at Austin.   I salute you all.   I've always been so proud to call Austin "home" and now I feel an even tighter bond.

When Master Arie and I met, he showed me the different and many sides of a man who cares, who feels deeply, and who feels His dominance give him and his submissive a feeling of a breathing, living entity.  I learned he has a   I learned more patience.  I learned how important growing is, and listening, learning, and understanding.  I learned how wonderful our Masters on Austin are to the uninitiated.  Life is a journey we all live together ......and Master Arie and I have this past year, like no other for mari especially.

You all know one of my favorite poems ....and it fits Master Arie so well.   To reiterate INVICTUS by William Ernest Henley, I think his last verse is especially poignant: 

"It matters not how strait the gate,
 How charged with punishments the scroll,
 I am the master of my fate,
 I am the captain of my soul. "

My Master, my Captain - I salute you.   I congratulate you as you show your allegiance to Austin..And, I am honored to be yours.....forever and a day. 

This elicited quite a lot of tears, and I too was moved by Mari's emotional speech.

Ratzu then invited members of the audience to speak, and many people spoke up about how good a man Arie is, including Rafe Allardyce, Jen Umaga, Belle (Belledujour Arida), Sage Avedon (SageWisdom Resident), WW (worldwide Pedalo), Kaer (Kaerlove Resident), Ara Charisma, Will (WillTitus Resident), and AImee  (iFyoUseeKaiMEe Swansen).

Ara in particular concocted a wonderful story about how Arie and Mari were well met, and came together, which drove the crowd wild.

In the beginning the earth was made.. but it was empty.. 
so Mari was made...
And with Mari the earth became such a wonderful place
All were happy... but sadly Mari was lonely....
So Arie was Made....
And Arie wandered through this beautiful garden and saw... Alvise
And Alvise looked down on him and spoke ever so wisely....
Make Mari happy!!!!!
And looked so stern that Arie shuddered in awe
And decided to give it a go
And darn there were Fireworks and sparks all over 
in this beautiful garden....
So I beg of You Master Arie!
Do not accept this apple from Ratzu!!!!!
It will ruin everything.....

Finally, Arie spoke up.

He started by saying that "My dearest family and friends, it is difficult to express my gratitude and love to you all.  I want to say so much, but I can hardly find the words. So, I'll just say that you are one of the greatest blessing in my  SL life...Standing before you all here on this very special day signifies a beginning, a beginning of something new, a stage of development ..." 

He then thanked Ratzu "for giving this sim and making it a place where people can learn about themselves and about D/s . thank you for providing the most wonderful place in Sl. I am grateful and proud to be a part of the Austin community...."

To his mentors he said: "Thank you both...Thank you for being with me all that difficult time. Sometimes the road was hard and bumpy , sometimes narrow ,  at these moments it was your wisdom that kept me going in the right direction. Both of you are strong Dominants and wonderful mentors. Sure there where times i didn't like to be confronted with myself but it made me a stronger man. You did manage to pull me back on the track when it was needed. I am sincerely grateful to you both. Following the Masters creed and showing you and make you proud at your mentee  will reward you i hope. As a Master of Austin I look forward to continue making you proud. Using what you have taught me will help me in helping others on their journey to Dominance, trust, honesty, dependability , submission and so on. As far as this goal attainment requires much effort, skills and time, I hope that you'll help me in it, as always."

He then addressed the other members of Austin:

Love and gratitude - this is what I feel standing now in front of you. Love and gratitude - these are the best emotions one can imagine. I am happy to love you and to be grateful to you....

I remember the day i first set foot on Austin , Marion did offer me a tour to show me the Austin sim ( smiles at the lovely girl who is famous for providing the most wonderful tours around the sim) . I was amazed not only by the beauty of the sim but even more by the Austin members....

All of you have been very helpful and dedicated to support me during my training. Giving me such loving family and caring friends. Your support was crucial for me ,I couldn't even imagine that some day I would have such wonderful friends and family. I deeply appreciate your support. Thank you for being with me....

Thank you all !!!!...

He then thanked particular members of the community, and ended with this touching speech to Mari:

My sweet girl Mari , Your support and understanding gave me the strength to continue fighting. Without you I would have given up. But then you would come and I would remember why I am in this wonderful journey....Thank you for being there, having so much love for me And never leaving my side. With you, my dearest, my dream is always near. Thank you very much.

After Arie repeated the Masters' Creed, the crowd went wild, and then slowly filed into the Cabaret for some dancing with DJ Painthorse.

People who attended included:

Marcus Massaro
Ulrika Tomsen
Dancer (michele Aria)
Tasha (tasha Haalan)
Ara Charisma
Vivienne Schell
Lenthe (Ardoc Resident)
Aisha Sohl
Ratsu Darkstone
Marion Fadlan
Rafe Allardyce,
Jen Umaga
Belle (Belledujour Arida)
Sage Avedon (SageWisdom Resident)
WW (worldwide Pedalo)
Kaer (Kaerlove Resident)
Will (WillTitus Resident)
AImee  (iFyoUseeKaiMEe Swansen).

More pictures from the event:


  1. What a lovely way to tribute someones Ring ceremony, thank You

  2. Thank you Ara...and I loved your contribution to the ceremony as well.