Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Omega D/s Library

As I noted in a previous post about the Ugajin Library in Xaara, I have always enjoyed settling down with a good read and expanding my knowledge about D/s and BDSM in general. Thus, I am always on the lookout for new places that can cater to this predilection of mine, and I was fortunate enough this week to be introduced to the Omega D/s Library, which has been around since 2006 (an amazing run given the brief lifespan of most sims in Second Life) and touts itself as the largest repository of BDSM material in SL.

The library is housed in an enormous structure with high ceilings, comfortable seating, and wall to wall wooden bookcases. The ambiance is elegant and refined, with a vaguely European decor and chairs that automatically shove a book up your nose when you sit ;-)

Most of the bookcases are  non-functional and serve mainly as decoration, and the visitor needs to mosey on over to the cases near the fireplace, which do serve up note cards with the chosen literature when you click on them. I particularly like the fact that the scripts show how many times a particular topic has been requested by patrons.

In addition to the library itself, the sim houses a garden, a dungeon, and various other areas for relaxation and play. It also hosts discussions about BDSM topics during the week.

I am indebted to DixieDoolittle for being kind enough to invite me and show me around the place, and for Careena1 for throwing a dominant tag my way (perhaps after inhaling all the leather smells wafting around as I jigged and jagged at the House of V dance floor).

Oh, and thanks to Ema1983 for warning me about that damn Truth Ball...nosey little thing that asked such perverted questions that I almost fainted in shock!

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