Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Linda Lou

I decided to purchase a Pacha 110, the latest cabin cruiser from The Mesh Shop, and I named it the Linda Lou, in honor of my girl Linda.

Re-texturing and modifying the cruiser were more difficult than I thought, but after some work I added to the outer hull a beautiful image of jumping dolphins passing by a tropical island. I also embossed the name Linda Lou on the stern, surrounded by a tropical drink motif, and on the sails and jib I embossed the words 'MK' and 'Lou'. Finally, I added the Depraved Monkey Logo on the spinnaker.

The pics below show some of these modifications to the cruiser.

Tropical drink with the cruiser's name
The sails and jib bear the names 'MK' and 'Lou' in blue and pink (gag!)
Dolphins flash past a tropical island on the outer hull.
DM Logo on the spinnaker

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