Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ugajin Library

Sitting like a boss in the library - cuz that's how we roll
In RL, I am a bibliophile and I tend to like hanging out in libraries, mostly to enjoy the quiet and to peruse some SF book, and so I took some time this morning to go over some of the offerings in the Ugajin Library, which is located in Alanis Gallery.

I have to admit, I am duly impressed by the comprehensive collection housed in this tastefully decorated building. It has by far the largest number of BDSM themed books in Second Life as far as I know, and they range from full novels to short stories to self-help and guide books.

I look forward to spending some time going over some of them as time permits.

One thing. The books are housed on all three floors of the building on tall book cases. Be sure to click on EACH shelf in each book case as they contain different books.

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