Sunday, October 26, 2014

Customized Bike

Linda surprised me by creating custom tags for my JFC Anarchy bike. The bike now sports my name in an elegant font on the gas tank, and the custom license plate in back says MK in big bold lettering. Thanks baby!

Can't wait to test the bike later this week on one of the race track LMs she sent me...

I would race Linda again but the last time we raced she zoomed way in front of me - so far in front that I could not see her. But then I nearly had a heart attack when another bike with some cute broad in a Minnie Mouse helmet almost hit me head on, gunning past enthusiastically in the wrong direction.

It was Linda LOL....

Custom license plate.
Update: I tested the new bike today on the Mongoose MC Race Track and managed to get my name on the big board running on gear 6. I'll try to cut down on the time later. Some of the times on the board were outrageous (3 second lap?!!!???), and are probably people with flying machines who simply swoop back to the end line.

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