Thursday, October 30, 2014

First impressions of the Pacha 110

I've had some time to evaluate the Pacha 110, and here are some quick thoughts about it.


1. Extensive ability to customize the textures of pretty much everything. The creators provide targa templates which you can export, modify in photoshop, then import back.

2. Tons of poses and animations, including ones for showering, dancing, and...ahem...various delicate couple animations.

3. Working facilities, including a shower with water particles that can be turned on and off, and a TV set.

4. The ability to allow guests to take control of the sailboat.

5. Large space. This is a larger ship that the Wallaby, and the extra room is much appreciated.

6. Animations for the sails are top notch. You really feel as if wind is flowing past them.


1. Avatars can superimpose upon one another if they choose the same sitting or dancing pose.

2. Guests can take control of the couple poses and force even the owner into...ahem...compromising positions. This was unfortunately what happened when someone who I will not mention suddenly decided to try out the couple poses and inadvertently converted our boat into a freebie sex show.

3. Texturing the craft can be a nightmare for people who are not expert in image manipulation software. This is in contrast to the Wallaby (a Loonetta), where basic texturing is done via a dialog menu.

4. The lack of a control HUD which shows speed, engine status, etc. It is a nightmare to try to figure out your speed. They provide visual gauges which are impossible to read. They do supposedly have a HUD that you can activate but mine never did. It simply kept trying to get information. I had to script my own speedometer HUD and use that instead.

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