Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Let's Ride!

Ok, so it was not really my first bike riding experience (I believe it was my third or fourth in 3 years in second life, and the first one was in 2011), but it certainly was one of the more productive, in terms of getting the hang of the controls of a "real" chopper in Second Life.

My Linda Lou took me to the BCR Shopping District and Riding Sim, where I rezzed a bike I had bought about a month and a half ago, a JFC Anarchy. Now, she's a real biker in both SL and RL, notwithstanding the really cute mouse ears helmet that she wore, so she was soon whizzing and zooming, and zig-zagging all over the lanes and sidewalks while I bumped into just about every solid object in the sim (apologies for all the overturned trash cans and dented fenders!).

However, by the time we finished around an hour later, I was doing quite well in the track that circled above the sim like a sleek overpass, and at the quite fast fourth gear (yes, the darn thing actually had several gears!).

I will always love the Wallaby and the sea first, but I must admit it felt exciting to zoom quickly through the dips and curves of the race track at dizzying speeds. Thanks to Linda for again being so patient as she taught me the basics of riding.

Now, where can I get a copy of the first three seasons of Sons of Anarchy?

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