Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Town 2014

Linda threw some LMs at me while we were riding yesterday (I had to juggle the darn things and almost run into a bridge overpass - but that's another story), and later that night I rezzed in and explored them.

The first was a Halloween Ride that was pretty fun and creepy, and I enjoyed trying to figure out a way to get out of the haunted area (you had to find 5 books and open them), but it was the second sim that took my breath away.

The build was superb, and the structures were beautifully rendered in warm pastel colors that made the entire place look like a high end animated movie, something from Pixar perhaps, and faintly reminiscent of the animated movie Coraline, which I liked.

Click here for the SL-URL of Halloween Town 2014.

Below are some pics and captions of my visit.

Some weird avatars like a dead zombie girl visit the sim.
The lovely Marie dropped by for a short while as well

Be careful...a huge sinkhole lies in the center of town!
Some buildings house displays.
Like old Freddy Krueger over here.
But others host SL stores.
And a giant monster paw keeps roaming the sky in search of unwary visitors!

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