Saturday, October 11, 2014

Auction at Cafe LaPe'rouse @Austin

Auction boards were on display for one month
I attended the the final auction at Cafe LaPe'rouse @Austin on the afternoons of October 11 and 12, 2014, which was part of their 6th anniversary celebrations. For one month preceding the final auction, boards showing the people for auction had been on display on a wall behind the Cafe. People could bid on the boards, which gave out note cards detailing information about the person being auctioned.

The Cafe is a well done sim with one of the friendlier rez points for new visitors. When someone first rezzes in, they are greeted by a map of the entire place, along with lines showing the route of the metro rail, There is also comprehensive information in note cards about the group, and a stand that holds the group's newsletter.

Rez point for new visitors
I was also impressed by the metro train that runs from one end of the sim to the other.

Metro that runs across sim
During the final auction, which was held over two consecutive days, Cafe LaPe'rouse's Ratzu Darkstone displayed each board in turn with the help of o-girl Ivy, and everyone in attendance placed their final bids.

The presentation was done in voice, but everyone was free to communicate in voice or general chat. I came about 30 minutes late on the first day, and Linda (lb burnstein) joined in the festivities about 15 minutes later.

MK and Linda at the Final Auction Day 1
I enjoyed it. I had been visiting the Cafe LaPe'rous @Austin for a few weeks now, and so I knew some of the people in the crowd. I have found the group to be very well organized and quite active, and friendly towards visitors. They put out regular newsletters, have a yearbook, and just put out a cookbook as well! You can view a list of activities at the sim here.

The bidding was fast and furious during that first day, and laughter and hilarity were staples for the day. The top bids were on one event with Ratzu Darkstone, with the bids topping out at more than 10,000 L, but some of the o-girls attracted very handsome bounties as well. I won Linda, who captivated the crowd with her dark red gown and southern belle accent, by bidding 8000 L for a 2 hour session with her, and I'm sure I will thoroughly enjoy that date as well!

Thanks to Ivy1 and Melinda Nyn especially for information on the festivities. The seats were quite comfy and a good time was had by all.

Ratzu Darkstone presides over the bidding.

The bidding for the lovely Melinda Nyn begins!

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