Thursday, October 16, 2014

Naked Dancing in the Blake Seas

I took the Wallaby out for a spin in the Blake Seas, going south from Spy Glass to the Siren Isles. I hadn't sailed in almost a year (!), and I have to admit I had to figure out the controls again. But I soon got the hang of it, and it was as usual soothing just to sail quietly and watch the islands and waves go by.

When I got to Siren Isles, I found a crowd there already. One blue sailboat flying a Greek flag in particular was notable because there were three avatars dancing naked on deck. This was so unusual that a patrol boat circled the revelers warily while other onlookers probably watched on.

The Greek sailboat derezzed almost immediately after that, probably because they were in violation of some United Sailing Sims rule and the patrol had returned the boat to inventory. Oh well, it was still quite a sight while the party was going on *grins*

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