Monday, November 3, 2014

Sailing in Sayawan Tambayan

When we first came into Second Life, one of the first communities I visited was something called Sayawan Tambayan, where I met my good friend Samara. It was a place where people mostly hang out and did choreographed group dances, as well as (interestingly enough) runway modeling. But the old sim died out, and for awhile I thought it was gone for good. But then Samara told me it turns out they resurrected the place, though in a different location.

I decided to to check it out, and found to my surprise an inland bay surrounded by sandy beaches washed by large fast moving waves. The other surprise was that the sim owners allowed rezzing of the Linda Lou in the clear blue waters of the bay!

Samara joined me and I gunned the engines of the Linda Lou, and for several minutes my piloting skills were challenged by the rough waves that crisscrossed the sim. I found out that the waves had a physical presence, and we actually were thrown backwards several times- once even onto dry land! I believe I run over a few dolphins as I struggled to avoid running afoul of the incoming waves. Sorry flipper, we hardly knew ye!

I had never experienced that before, and it was actually quite fun.

Facing the bay, with an incoming wave and dolphins playing.

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