Tuesday, November 18, 2014

TV and Movie Charades at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin Island

A surprisingly large crowd of about 19 people gathered at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin Island for a fun filled hour or so of TV and movie charades. The participants sat in a circle in the island setting, and included Ninee, Crux, Orchid, Marion, Seregej, Linda, MK, Billy, Sage, Beldom, Clemoff, Bintage, Arin, Buster, Cherie, Meme, and WW.

The event was hosted by Melinda Nyn and Liss (LissomePrey Resident) and the audience had to guess the title of movies, books, or TV shows from segments of the work read out by the two hosts.

Liss and Meli were great hosts
The action was fast and furious, and generated quite a lot of laughter. My Linda Lou and Crux Maximus probably got the most correct answers, although no one was really counting
All hail Linda, the Movie Trivia Diva!
In the end, everyone had a great time, and I stayed after the event to chit chat with Meli, WW (worldwide Pedalo), Sage (SageWisdom Resident), Sergej Lubitsch, Clemoff Independent, and Ninee Cerise, among others. This was the second event I attended that was hosted by Meli, and like the first one (a voice chat that lasted maybe 5-6 hours!) people stayed after the event proper. As her sponsor WW put it, Meli is like a magnet and always attracts people to her.

I should add that the island setting was very calming, and the bean bag kinda chair was soft and plushy, so much so that I had the strong urge to get some naptime (apologies if I dozzed off and snored for a second or two there!). A lone duck circled the water nearby, and I kept expecting Linda to pull out one of her many many pea shooters and bag it for our dinner, though fortunately she was fully engrossed in the game. In the end, I had to drag myself off the chair and reluctantly go home after a half hour or so of back and forth chatter after the event.

Here's to more fun trivia events in the future!

Someone asked how it was actually played with no voice...I added an excerpt of one of the rounds below. Mel and Liss basically "acted out" a scene from the film and people tried to guess the name of the film based on that segment.

Liss (LissomePrey Resident): Film - 5 words

Liss: I see you have the retired folk coming round later.

Mel: Just the gents, the ladies are off shopping.

Liss:  You need to be careful with the music then.

Mel: I do?

Liss: Yes classical is great, jazz is fine and you should be able to have a bit of rock.

Mel: What about hip-hop?

Liss: That is probably OK but there will be all sorts of trouble if they hear even a few bars of Johnny Cash or Dolly Parton.

Mel: Fine, I get it. ...

Sage (SageWisdom Resident): yeah Master crux

Melinda Nyn: hiya Orchid hugs

Linda Burnstein (lb Burnstein): best little whorehouse in texas

Orchid (orchid Zsun) slips in quietly for a bit

Orchid (orchid Zsun) waves not wanting to disturb

Melinda Nyn: no Linda :)

Melinda Nyn: but i can see why :)

Linda Burnstein (lb Burnstein): hmmm

Liss (LissomePrey Resident): Don't play  Johnny Cash or Dolly Parton for the retired gents

Linda Burnstein (lb Burnstein): no guns for old men

Melinda Nyn: almost linda

Sergej Lubitsch: no country for old men

Melinda Nyn: one word wrong!

Linda Burnstein (lb Burnstein): no country for old men

Melinda Nyn: yay Sergej Sir

Crux Maximus: ah

Linda Burnstein (lb Burnstein): lol!!!!

Melinda Nyn: and Linda

Linda Burnstein (lb Burnstein): dang it

Melinda Nyn: excellent!

Liss (LissomePrey Resident): Yes Linda, Sir Sergej

MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): linda got it too.

Linda Burnstein (lb Burnstein): lol

Melinda Nyn: you got it just in time both of you

Linda Burnstein (lb Burnstein): nooo i was thinking guns

MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): you always think guns

MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): is the problem

Linda Burnstein (lb Burnstein): :)

Melinda Nyn: haha :)

Liss (LissomePrey Resident): Mel's turn

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