Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sister Graduation of Blue Ronsein at RoissyVDO

We attended the Sister Graduation of Blue Ronsein at Roissy VDO.

The proceedings were held in the lush gardens in front of the Chateau Roissy, with two sections of chairs facing a red-carpeted platform with an elevated runway.

My Linda Lou had the chance to go inworld, so after doing some laps on a new bike track at Serpents Harbor, we TP'ed to her private sandbox, where she changed onto a resplendent shimmery gown.

MK and Linda
The ceremony began with the main participants walking along the elevated platform to the raised dais, where they sat on chairs and cushions before the ceremony began. Gillian Darkwatch (Gillian Gemini) guided Blue to a cushion before one of her teachers.

Samois Supervisor Vette (yvetteSapphyre Resident) began the proceedings, then introduced Maitre Thomas (ThomasX Xue). The next to talk was Kurt (kurt8 Resident), who started by talking about his pupil's progress, before giving his whole-hearted recommendation that she join the Roissy Val d'Oise select Sisterhood. Sister Nara (nara1 Resident) then gave her own thoughts about training Blue and also recommended that Blue be admitted to the sisterhood, before sim owner RenĂ© (geir Resident) confirmed her as a Sister.

The ceremony was moving and the lush surroundings definitely added a lot to the proceedings. Although Linda could not stay long enough to finish it, I was very glad my baby girl could at least join me at the beginning.

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