Friday, November 14, 2014

Cobras MC Rally 2014

Cobra MC is holding its Cobra Rally 2014 from November 14 to November 16. Since Linda is a veteran Cobra but could not attend, I decided to drop by and observe the festivities so she could at least see it through my eyes.

I was TPed up to the rally area by the Cobra Senior Enforcer, where I found a very large group of people gathered around a circular track, which was aptly named the Cage of Death. Riders had to zoom around the enclosed track, and it was interesting to watch some of them spill out of the cage into the milling crowd.

Behind the large field, vendor stalls had been set up.

And behind that, an army of tents had been erected.

Each tent flew the flag of its organization.

The next event during the evening was a bull riding contest.

DJ Crossfire played some tunes while each rider in turn rode the bull, which bucked and tried to get them off.

A scoreboard behind the corral listed the top riders.

If you're into biking at all, I'd highly recommend dropping by the Cobra MC sim and joining in the rally. One caveat is that you'll have to have voice switched on. since the rally was pretty much held all on voice. IM me if you need a notecard with the schedule of events.

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