Saturday, March 18, 2017

Voice Chat Friday: Truth Ball Galore

I attended the Friday voice chat late, doing my usual ninja style drop into the room about an hour into the proceedings.

Avril in full little girl mode
The usual gang was there, though supplemented by quite a lot of new applicants and cafe members. Avril was in full little girl mode, cute as pie and pretty in pink with roller skates on.  A new applicant named Marc was next, then Ratzu and Aqua were a seat or two away in all green for St. Patties, then Arie and Mari, Billy and Sage, Marcus and Meli, Benros, Laila, eGoes and Belle.

On the other side of the room were aimee, bri, Remington and syndra, a new visitor called Creed I think, and later orchid and a few others (sorry if I missed your names).

The event was the usual fun and laughter, and some of the many topics covered included:

- playing truth ball and all the interesting revelations that came out of that (sorry, can't tell!)

- belle meeting a phone blind date and finding him completely bland

- meli calling a Dom Mr. Thingy

- talking about urban blight

- my pee bottle (again!)

- Joking about how applicants are never seen when meli mentioned she could not see the new applicant Marc

- Avril laughing at inappropriate moments because of her penchant for multi-tasking (smh)

All in all, we all had a lot of fun and laughs, a nice ending to another week ;-)

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