Thursday, August 4, 2016

The First Wanderlings Expedition!

The Intrepid Explorers
The first Wanderlings expedition got off to a rather hot start when Linda inadvertently TPed me directly onto the camp fire at Billy and Sage's home.

Fortunately for me, I come from a tropical country and all i got from the flames was warm toasty hobbitsy feet and a nice tan (as will Linda's cute rump when I am done with her tomorrow!)

The group included myself, Linda, Billy, Sage, and Marcus (Meli could not come due to RL constraints, Belle had work, and Kota and Woland usually came in later). We talked in public and private voice chat the entire time, which made it easier for everyone.

Sexy ass cracks are my specialty
Sage had prepared a list of three different sims that we could explore, and we wasted no time in teleporting to the first one, which featured a floating rubber duck race, and which appropriately enough was called Duck Racing at Quackerstone

We rezzed a duck each, and zoomed through the water race course, and it was immediately obvious that I was probably the only one in the group who deserved a driver's license (or who wasn't imbibing loads of margaritas and tequilas).

Yep, I dommed this rubber ducky good!
Seeing that I had fully dommed my rubber ducky, Linda hopped on for the ride, and she was soon joined by Sage, Billy, and Marcus!

Yes...I'm screaming in panic....(pic courtesy of Linda)
Urged on by my passengers, I drove the rubber duck with its humongous load of freeloaders along the race course. It was quite a difficult thing to do, as not only was the center of mass hard to gauge due to the piles of people hanging onto the vehicle, but I had to deal with sporadic elbows and knees and other pointy things (which will go unmentioned) slamming into me as I fought the steering.

Taxi Driver (pic courtesy of Sage)
Linda also unfurled some kinda flag that she started waving in front of me, which did nothing to improve my sightlines! She is always a great help smh...thanks boo!

The Survivors (pic courtesy of Sage)
Fortunately, we survived the course, and moved on to the next sim, at Marathon Caye, a huge place that featured lots of rides and places to explore.
Linda's funny hats
The first thing we did was ride a transparent water tube down from the sim's highest peak to the bottom. You go into mouselook and suddenly you're being hurtled down the inside of the tube at terrific speeds! Suffice it to say, I got so dizzy that  it was a wonder I didn't drown in the shallow pool of water at the end of the ride.

Inadvertently finding new caves
Linda meanwhile, had done her usual wacky Linda Lou thing and ended up in some underground cavern. After I Tped her back up to the ride's starting point, she vaulted the rail and jumped off the side, urging us to follow her back to the cavern she found.

Did I forget to mention my baby girl has ADD, ADHD, and probably a few other alphabetized attention deficit disorders that science has not yet discovered?

Upping her life insurance...ya know...just in case..
Instead of dropping all the way to the cavern, we first found ourselves edging along the rocky outcrops, where we found a diving platform!

Yes! I can do this too in RL! *big cheesy grin*
Linda went first, then I did a graceful swan dive all the way to the bottom, where we finally found the entrance to the underground caverns that Linda had earlier discovered.

I think I've seen this scene in a sci-fi horror movie once.
If any of them suddenly gets pulled under, I'm running the other way!
We slowly moved around the shallow waters of the caves until we came upon some kinda time portal, with ancient Mayan type calligraphy etched in stone around it.

Time portal potty????
It was a teleporter probably, but we could not figure out how to use it.  And yes, we probably have more than 20 combined years of experience in second life...but we couldn't figure out a simple sue us!

We finally got to another ride, this time an octopus contraption that took some time to strap ourselves onto.

The thing whirled rapidly around a central axis, and I sat next to Billy and Sage, making sure to tell Billy in no uncertain terms that he had better not suddenly hold my hand when scared....unless I got some chocolate first!

My admittedly "flatter" boo after the ride
Linda meanwhile sat on another row of chairs with Marcus.

No, not next to him, but UNDER him.

Marcus had somehow ended up on her lap, and we all laughed as the octopus ride swung us round and round at a faster and faster clip.

Thus ended the first Wanderlings Expedition, with lots of laughter and my girl pinned to the seat of her ride by Marcus' bulk *smh*

Thanks to Sage for putting together the sim list. The outing was a great success, and I look forward to more explorations in the near future!


  1. Aww Well! You had a great time and I missed it all!

    1. we missed you as well meli...your sister mentioned that explicitly this morning. there will be other times.