Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Marcus and Meli's First Collaring Anniversary

I attended the first anniversary dance of Marcus and Melinda on February 24, and danced first with Habitue Liss (lissomeprey), then later O-girl Sage D (Desertwoman Glasswing).

I can't believe it's been one year already, as I can still clearly remember the collaring ceremony from February 26 of last year quite vividly.

Congrats to Marcus and Meli on their anniversary! And thanks to GIS Laila (lelie.baxton) for all the great pics below (I took some pics but they were nowhere near as good as her pics):


Marcus and Meli

Arie and Mari

Benros and Tara

Laila and Duke

eGoes and Belle


Meli and Marcus

Marcus and Meli

MK and Liss

Ratzu and Aqua

RB and Ny

Remington and Syndra


Billy and Sage

Kevin and Sage D



DJ Stormy

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