Sunday, March 19, 2017

Spring/St Patrick's dance

I managed to drop in for some minutes to the dance hosted by O-girl jules (jules faith), with the DJ being O-girl dee.

I think i first met jules when we were thinking of putting together a collection of some of the older pics at Austin, and she had given me tons of pics from 2009 going forward. Jules is one of the earlier O girls who have been at Austin for awhile, and I don't see her inworld that often, so it is always a treat to see her in SL.

I danced with applicant ny (nyleni), RB's girl, and though I tried the entire time to steal her away from RB, the girl just wouldn't budge...I guess some people got it, some don't  *smh*

A ton of people were there, including:

aimee (ifyouseekaimee swansen)
Alang Fall
Tyro-Master Benros Karlfeldt
Dante Parabola (Supervac Parabola)
O-girl dee Wolfe
jillian Karas
O-girl jen Umaga
Master Jonathan Carbonell
GIS laila
Applicant Marc
Dom-O Marcus Massaro
O-girl mari
sub-O melinda Nyn
Dom-O MK (monkeyking2011)
meryl Fall
Associate naughty Glimmer
Applicant nyleni
O-girl jules Parabola
Master Ratzu Darkstone
Tyro-Master Remington Rothmanay
O-girl sassy Snoodle
Master WW

A few pics from the event....unfortunately, I don't take pics well, so if anyone has additional pics, please send them to me if you'd like me to post them.

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