Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Rice Fields of Kemang Island

I visited Kemang Island, a full sim with a large traffic flow that is dedicated to Nusantara culture, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it had a major rice field area, as well as several rice fields interspersed all around the sim.

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The rez zone is near The Banyan Club, which appropriately enough is sheltered close to the overarching branches of a gigantic banyan tree. Across from the tree is a small field with newly-planted rice waving silently in the breeze.

The sim does have an area specifically set aside for plantings, and I walked over there to marvel at the row upon row of rice plants sunning themselves under the bright  mid-day sun.

Other things were being sunned as well, including some clothes on a clothesline, a quite typical sight in many tropical countries. Why waste energy on a clothes dryer when the sun will do it for free? hehe....

There was also a banana tree with bags of rice piled onto the cart of a bike standing empty below it, and several monkeys raced up and down the banana tree enjoying the ripe bananas.

To the ocean side there were more rows of rice....

...and near the ocean waters some food stalls with delicious tropical food!

I continued walking along the empty roadway, and soon came upon an overview with great views of a far off waterfall, and another couple of rice plots by the side of the road.

All the roads had Indo names on them, and I found another rice field close to a sign for one such road.

All in all I quite enjoyed my trip to Kemang Island, and even got to talk to the manager (and most likely sim owner) of the area, an Indo named ge (Getown Resident), though he said he lives in Germany because his mom's from that country. Seems like an OK guy, and I got to use my Bahasa Indonesia too.

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