Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Short Tour of Our Sailors Cove South Home

We've stayed at Sailors Cove South since February of 2015, and during all that time Linda has provided us with a warm, cozy and beautiful home.

We've created quite a number of skyboxes up top for various purposes (sandbox, game room, dungeon, etc), but I figure I'd give a tour of the the ground level of our home, which is where we typically meet and greet guests, and which is where the Linda Lou is normally docked and ready to sail off into the Blake Seas.

The first thing you'll notice at the dock is a wooden table with 3 rice plants sitting placidly on it in front of the stairs leading up to the living room. Yes, I know, three won't be enough to harvest and keep us alive for the zombie apocalypse, but these are more for good luck and prosperity than anything practical.

Ascending the first flight of stairs, you'll encounter some guard doggie that Linda likes. I believe it's a beagle, but sometimes I do miss Bagus, our pet lemur, who unfortunately has a ton of scripts running in him and thus is better left in inventory, aka. purgatory for SL items.

You go up another flight of stairs to get to the living room area, where we typically sit around with guests during parties.

Linda even set aside a drink bar with some macaw to guard the liquor (and yes, he does get drunk himself at times when no one is watching).

A bridge strung with bright lights leads to the other side of the property.

There you'll find a rope ladder, that goes up to...

...our nice comfy tree house.

This is where Linda and I usually cuddle when talking serious, wth are those polar bears in Lost???!!!!

A stone path leads through the grass to the fourth part of the property.

It's a small dock with 4 chairs and a fireplace to one side, and this is where I usually invite couples or single people to sit and relax when we talk.

The table has some candles and also a lone rice plant in a sparkling dish filled with some water.

Spanning the property is an inner pool of water with cascading waterfall that Linda created.

I still vividly remember when I lost someone dear to me in RL and Linda comforted me as we cuddled by the running water in early 2015.

Above is the view from our backyard.

The area around the property is beautiful as well, a rainforest filled with plants and waterfalls and other natural wonders.

Well, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed this short tour of our home. Thank you for flying Air Monkey!

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