Thursday, October 20, 2016

Laila GIS Event: Mardi Gras!

I decided to attend laila's (lelie Baxton) GIS event, a dance which focused on Mardi Gras, although Linda could not come inworld at the time. O-girl Dee provided the music.

For my costume, I took an old Joker type costume i had used a long time back with Linda and upgraded it with some additional ornamentations.

"Yes, I scare babies"
The dance was held at the Cabaret and the riot of colors was enough to blind anyone lol....

I would especially like to point out Meli's (Melinda Nyn) peacock outfit, which threatened to decapitate anyone nearby and/or asphyxiate everyone in the room with drifting feathers!

Marcus drowning in feathers
The costumes were all fantastic, but special mention (and prizes!) were given by the host to Marcus, Duke, and myself on the men's side, and Sammi, Meli, and Sage on the girl's side.

In the end, everyone had a good time, and there was lots of talk and laughter as the dance progressed, though I had to leave before the finish when talk turned towards man-boobs and I felt no one gave enough attention or appreciation towards my humongous man melons.

More pics of the event below from Laila and myself.

Thanks and congrats to GIS Laila!!!!

Associate Io

O-girl Jen Umaga

Rejoining Sammi

Applicants Remington and Syndra

Applicants Black and Xyla

O-girl DJ Dee

GIS Bunny

Valet LG

Master Duke and GIS Thyme

Master WW and GIT Curi

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