Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Marcus and Melinda's First Year Anniversary Party

Marcus and Melinda
Thanks to O-girl Aisha Sohl for the amazing images she took during the party! All images in this post were from her except those I explicitly noted as being mine. 

Linda and I attended the First Year Anniversary Party of Marcus and Melinda on June 22 at their home.

The two had met at the now defunct The Olive Branch (TOB) a year earlier, and they wanted to share the celebration with their closest friends.

The crowd gathers (pic by MK)
Interestingly enough, I do remember the first time Meli had told me about this new Dom that she had met at TOB. I was still her Protector at the time, and I remember closely reading his profile and discussing him with her. Little did I know at the time that he would become her Master a few months after and remain her partner even a year later - a not inconsequential achievement here in Second Life, where the life span of relationships are sometimes measured in weeks.

Linda and I drinking champaigne (pic by MK)
They had rented an adjacent parcel and stocked it with a ton of fun fair games for the event, and Linda wasted no time in zooming off into space on some kinda rocketship *smh*

My girl had on a floor length gown that earlier made my jaw drop. It shimmered in the moonlight and featured two of my favorite design styles. It was backless to highlight her slender frame, and it showed a generous amount of sideboob. I seriously could not stop staring at her.

Looking around at the games (pic by MK)
In fact, every single one of the girls in the party looked resplendent in their finest gowns, and the group soon retired to the nearby dance platform, where DJ and host Io pumped out the beat, including Marcus and Meli's song...John Legend's All of Me.

Linda had to leave early, but I stayed a bit longer, dancing with Aria before quietly retiring as the exuberant festivities continued.

Both my girl and I want to congratulate Marcus and Meli during their First Anniversary together, and wish them both another year of happiness, laughter, and excitement! Love you guys!

Yeah, I whacked them pirates good! (pic by MK)
All in all, at least 25 people crowded into their home, including (in alphabetical order):

Alang  Fall
O-girl Aria Teodosio (Aria Vyper)
O-girl Aisha Sohl
sub-O Curiousheart Loordes
O-girl Dakota Ashford (Dakota0therbee)
Master Domi Galli
Master Duke (DukeXXl)
DJ Ezee (EzeePosse Frequency)
Forest of Azure
Master Hunter Teodosio
Associate Iolanthe  Mooncheeks
O-girl Jen Umaga
Habitue Liss (Lissomeprey)
Habitue Linda  Burnstein-King
Dom-O Marcus Massaro
sub-O Melinda Nyn
Merrie (Meryl Fall)
Habitue MK
Habitue Ninee Cerise
Master Rafe Allardyce
Master Ratzu Darkstone
O-girl Sage Wisdom Avedon
Master Silverfox  Handrick
shiloh Kranfel

More pics from Aisha and MK:

Alang and Meryl
Azu and Niteshiver
Domi and Shiloh
Duke and Aisha
Io and Ezee
Rafe and Jen
Hunter and Aria
Ratzu and Sage W
Marcus and Meli
Marcus and Meli
Alang and Merrie (pic by MK)
MK and Linda (pic by MK)


  1. DJ Ezee Posse was not DJing this event. It was Io Mooncheeks, his partner, that was pulling double duty as Host and DJ.

    1. ahhhh...apologies...i made the correction...thank you ;-)

  2. Yeah it was io throwing out the tunes, not me.. hehehe.. Was a great evening. ^_^
    ~Ezee Posse~