Thursday, June 2, 2016

Erotic Game at Austin

We attended our first erotic game at Austin (Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin) and I had a blast. Linda came all wrapped up in layers of sweaters (the better to resist being stripped to her undies), but had to leave early due to RL.

The game was hosted by Melinda Nyn, and a ton of people came to play and watch.

The game board had a start point and tiles which had various tasks on them. Each player rolled a dice and moved the number of spaces equal to what they rolled. Some of the tasks on the tiles included:

- having to strip an item of clothing

- being able to dare one of the other players to do something OR  have to strip an item of clothing

- being locked in a cage

- being able to choose two other players then spin a wheel to see what the two players would have to do

The winner was the person who had the most items of clothing left at the end of the game.

Players line up to start the game
The fun in the game was all the funny tasks people had to do, although I suppose some perverts over there were also wanting to just see glimpses of girls undies! *wide eyed shocked look*

The wheel of tasks, with host Melinda in foregound and Liss on the far left.
Hmmm...someone tell Meli her hair is on fire....
Some of the highlights of the game were:

- Marion getting to spank my foine butt, though just a single mild slap. The girl wanted another crack (haha) at it, but I put an end to that idea quickly *smh at Marion*

Marion itching to get on the monkey train, with Meli (and Io) watching on 
- The cage being populated not just by girls, but by a few of the men players as well, including Shah, Marcus, and Coldax, all of whom seemed quite comfy in there *winks*

Shah in the cage while Marion shoots frogs at him
- Marcus having to hug Shah on a dare by me, which had all the people laughing. Shah was surreptitiously adjusting his trousers afterwards, so make of that encounter what you will ;-)

Shah and Marcus get to know one another, with Duke looking on
- Talk of speedoes after I warned people who wanted me to strip that I had worn flossy speedoes as a deterrent of last resort. I also noted that "a girl stripped looks far better than a guy with his ding a ling hanging".

To add to the fun, Shah mentioned his own speedo story, and I warned everyone I considered his speedoes "weapons of mass perversion".

Shah talks about his speedo collection while Marion and Duke start edging away from him
Aisha also dared to touch my "chin" on a dare, and Mary kept handing out bananas to the assembled crowd, much to the delight of this hungry monkey man.

Aisha giggles and runs off after touching my "chin"
I have to admit that I stayed for the entire 2 hour game, and enjoyed it very much, mostly because many of the people who were playing knew each other well and could freely banter amongst themselves.

I believe Duke won the game in the end, though I had to leave before it finished.

I look forward to more (and different) games in the future, as it's a nice change from the usual discussions and dances at most sims.

Some of the people who played and watched included (in alphabetical order):

O-girl Aisha Sohl
Tyro Applicant AKnightz
Master Alvise Cliassi
Master Beldom Wuyts
Coldax Cascarino
sub-O Applicant CuriousHeart  (CuriousHeart Resident)
Rejoining Master Duke (Dukexxl)
Associate Io (Iolanthe Godenot)
Valet LG (Lord Glasswing)
Habitue Linda Burnstein-King
Habitue Liss (LissomePrey Resident)
Habitue Marcus Massaro
O-girl Marion Fadlan
Mary Cascarino (Bellemari Resident)
Amiee and sub-O Melinda Nyn
Habitue MK (monkeyking2011)
Shah Joffe
Master Sigurd (Odensson Resident)
White Chantilly

More pics from the event:

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