Friday, June 17, 2016

First day of the Austin Auction

The first day of the Austin auction was a lot of fun.

Although there were not that many people at the beginning (I think only 14 or so), people started arriving in droves as the event progressed and we got a great crowd at the end. I think based on this, it might be a good idea to start the event later, rather than earlier, as people are coming back home from the office in the USA, and settling into bed in Europe.

The event usually featured Ratzu in voice and everyone else in text, but for some reason this time a lot of voice banter happened, and it really made the event a lot more fun.

Linda and I had offered a trip on the Linda Lou:

You are bidding on a 1-2 hour trip for you (and a friend if you so choose) with MK and Linda on their sailboat the Linda Lou.

We will meet at our home in Sailors Cove South to stock up on supplies and a tour of the place.

We will then sail the Linda Lou northwest on the Blake Seas to Sirens Isles. We may pass or drop by various points along the way to see the sights, such as Crow's Nest.

We will moor at Sirens Isles to relax and dance before returning back to Sailors Cove South, where you will be given a few parting gifts from Mk and Linda's store before you head back home.

We had to go up on stage as our auction happened, and I was so proud of Linda as she had no problems joining in the banter, saying that "tops are optional on the boat" and "i have hand puppets...super glue and pink feathers". She did however note that "my mouth is writing checks my butt cant cash", and that "y'all are freaking me out" ;-)

The auction for that ended at $6500 from Sage Avedon (SageWisdom), a nice tidy sum that will help maintain the sim, as will all the other money being spent at the two-day event.

Good luck to everyone! xxx

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