Friday, June 10, 2016

Sailors Cove South - Home Renovations 2016

I got an email from my girl this morning telling me she was making changes to the home, so I rushed in to get a peek of the new setup.

As in any 1950s style relationship, Linda plans, creates, and maintains the ground level home, as well as her floating skybox, and she has always done a great job of making the place beautiful and comfy.

Because we've had this parcel since February of 2015, it was probably long overdue for an overhaul.

And the new home set-up blew my mind. It was fantastic!!!

It provided a much larger space for people on center, with a small stream flowing underneath the flooring. Stairs led down to a lower level with a comfy lounger on it, and a second flight of stairs brought you down to ground level.

From there you could either go to the dock, where I normally moor our sailboat the Linda Lou, or follow a path and bridge to another sitting area, the same one we've had before.

She's not finished yet, but I already am loving it so much!


I visited the home again tonight and as Avril would put it... OHHHH...EMMMM...GEEEE!!!!

First, my baby had replaced the rattan chairs with some kinda hanging chair thingy at home (yes, I am allegedly a writer smh).

But much more impressively, Linda had added a tree house platform that towered above the home and could only be accessed by a hanging ladder.

I absolutely love it! Thank you baby!


So Linda kept working on the parcel on Saturday, and when I got back from RL, I visited our home and marveled at how good my girl is at decorating.

Looking at the whole thing facing northwest (sunset sun setting):

Looking at it facing northeast (mid-day sun setting):

A closeup of the tree platform...i seriously love it!

And a night time view of the place...mucho romantic! hmmmmm.....


Our first time lounging on the tree platform, Monday afternoon. we did not get our happy on as Linda was busily arranging the plants while I droned on and on and on, but boy was I tempted.

Night scene....

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