Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Kaer's O-girl Ring Ceremony

LG waits to lead Kaer up the dais, as Jen and Dakota look on
I attended the O-girl Ring ceremony of Kaer on June 28.

I don't know Kaer very well, but what I do know about her is that she is a very nice and a very sweet girl who chimes in on voice chat once in awhile.

And I have to say the event at times got emotional for me, mainly because I knew how hard a path she had to walk to finally get to her goal, and I actually teared up at one point.

I did not want to miss this momentous event, and neither did a lot of people, as more than 40 people crowded into the ceremonial Arch at Austin.

The ceremony was followed by a dance with DJ PaintHorse Graysmark.

Attendees included (in alphabetical order):

O-girl Aisha Sohl
Alvaro Beauchamp
Master Alvise Cliassi
Amiata Carpathia (Amiata Resident)
Master Arie (Arie Sewell)
GIS Bri  (AmbrisiunePhoenix Resident)
O-girl Belle (Darlingbelle Resident)
Habitue Billy Avedon (BillyEagle Avedon)
GIS BunnyVonPink Resident
Master Clemoff (Clemoff Independent)
GIS CuriousHeart Loordes (CuriousHeart Resident)
O-girl Dakota Ashford (Dakota0therbee Resident)
O-girl dani (Daniela McGinnis) - at dance
Master Domi Galli
Master Duke (Dukexxl Resident)
Applicant eGoes Alter
Applicant estos Putzo
Eva (EveEvangaline Resident)
GIS Frost (thorgrimsinga Resident)
Applicant Jael (JaelJerreau Resident)
O-girl Jen (Jen Umaga)
O-girl Kaer (Kaerlove Resident)
GIS Kat Dollinger - at dance
Applicant laila (lelie Baxton)
Valet LG  (Lord Glasswing)
Dom-O Marcus (MarcusMassaro Resident)
O-girl mari (mari Carducci)
O-girl Marion Fadlan
sub-O Melinda Nyn
Habitue MK
Associate PaintHorse Graysmark
Master Phil Veloce
Master Rafe Allardyce
Master Ratzu Darkstone
Master RB (RB Quan)
Alumni Rod Loordes
Master Ronald Schmid
O-girl Sage Avedon (SageWisdom Resident)
Master Sergej Lubitsch
Steven Carpathia
Master WW (worldwide Pedalo)

Some pics of the event:

A transcript of the proceedings was posted, and I was given full permission from kaer to repost it here:

Transcript of the ring ceremony of O-girl Kaer (kaerlove Resident)
Date/Time:  2016-06-28 @ 2pm
Location: Ceremonial Arch at Austin Island

LG : Ratzu, Masters, mentors Jen and Dakota and girls I bring GIT Kaer to you.  Ratzu 15 weeks ago she chose to enter the Chateau.  She has completed all assigned tasks, she has served the Masters of Austin and kept the command of silence you gave her.   Ratzu I present you, Kaer, a beautiful and trained submissive girl.

Unclips the silver clip on the leash and directs Kaer towards Master Ratzu.

mari smiles to Jen

Ratzu Darkstone steps to the podium and clears his voice in order to get people's attention

Ratzu Darkstone: please hold her for a minute now LG

Ratzu Darkstone: thank you

Ratzu Darkstone: I want to welcome everyone to this wonderful ceremony

Ratzu Darkstone: we all know how special this is

Ratzu Darkstone: these graduation ceremonies are held here only for o-girls and full Masters who have successfully completed their training and it lets us all join them in celebration

Ratzu Darkstone: for those who are guests- you are very welcome to be here and I am sure kaer is pleased to have your support as she shares this achievement with you and I think you for being here

Ratzu Darkstone: I also want to thank all of our group members and regulkars

Ratzu Darkstone: its great seeing everyone

Jen smiles

PaintHorse Graysmark: ?

Ratzu Darkstone: I want to remind you all there is a dance afterwards with PaintHorse Graysmark providing the music

Ratzu Darkstone: so please plan to attend

PaintHorse Graysmark: bows

PaintHorse Graysmark: lovely to see everyone

Ratzu Darkstone: now LG- please bring the girl forward and put her on  the podium

Kaer takes a deep breath.....and moves forward

Ratzu Darkstone: thank you for fetching the girl

Ratzu Darkstone: your service is appreciated

Jen: smiles and wipes a tear

LG : mu pleasure

Ratzu Darkstone: smile

Ratzu Darkstone: next I call jen and dakota to join us on the podium as they have been her mentors

Ratzu Darkstone motions for them to come forward

Kaer's eyes sparkling, and greet everyone with her head

PaintHorse Graysmark: well done

Dak?ta Ashford smiles and approaches with Jen

Ratzu Darkstone motions now for kaer to stand and face her mentors

Rafe Allardyce: juunleash

Rafe Allardyce: blushes

Ratzu Darkstone: please stand up kaer

Kaer focuses her eyes on her great mentors with pride

Jen: looks at the beautiful girl

Ratzu Darkstone: jen and dakota took over mentoring kaer and guided her through to the end of her studies

Ratzu Darkstone: I first ask jen to talk

Ratzu Darkstone: jen-->

Jen: Thank you Master Ratzu….and ‘thank you’ to all of You...Friends and Austin Family... for coming today to celebrate this beautiful girl.  When I was asked to mentor Kaer, it was after her Austin journey began, and just as she was ready to enter the Chateau.

Jen: You see, Kaer’s journey here has been a very long one…smiles….and not without its bumps and curves. There were even a few times when it was in danger of going off course.

Jen: I’d worked with Kaer on assignments during her GiS phase, was on her promotion panel, and had many many long discussions over time with her.  I was aware of her road and the struggles, and I have to say, when I was asked to step in to mentor I was a bit wary. So I sat with her …for several hours ….and we talked about the Chateau and all that would bring, and I agreed to be one of her mentors.

Jen: And today I stand before you and say I am so very happy and thankful to have been allowed along on the road…and WHAT a journey it’s been. From my concern with her ‘falling in love’ with everyone to understanding she doesn’t fall in love….but rather she finds a bit of each person that she admires and has affection for…and she holds it dear.  To the stories of her RL BDSM weekend experiences …blushes. And a whole roller coaster of things in between.

Rafe Allardyce: smiles

Jen turning to Kaer …..Kaer…first I want to tell you what an amazing privilege it has been to walk along with you down the road.  I am sooooo proud of you…..these words can’t begin to tell you just how much.  You should be proud of yourself because of all you’ve accomplished and how far you’ve come.

Jen: You had many visitors in the Chateau ….sometimes so many, and you stayed up so late; it was difficult to awaken for work the next day….grins. And you served each of the Masters from your heart and soul…..and always with a desire to learn and to please.

Jen: Kaer …..THANK YOU for showing me how important determination is, for you had a warm fire of determination propelling you.  Along your journey you faced obstacles.  There was criticism ….some of it constructive….and some seemingly trying to negate your efforts….and there was a time during your GiS journey when it almost pulled you under.

Kaer listens Jen words and blushes softly

Jen: Yet, in the Chateau, I saw you stand proud, take it all in; and use it to learn and grow and shine.  Kaer….YOU are an intelligent, warm, loving, kind, generous, and STRONG Woman ….keep the fire burning, and continue to be true to yourself. I love you, sweet girl.

Rafe Allardyce: nods

Jen turning back to the crowd …….I’m not going to tell you that Kaer is perfect, because she’s not…..smiles. I’d say, each of us here have things we’re working on ….or should be…winks.  But I will tell you that Kaer is a different girl today than when she first entered the Chateau….and that’s really all we can ask.

Jen: So…a HUGE thank you to those of you who’ve helped her along the way, who took the time to get to know her…really know her...who took the time to share a bit of You, and who have made a positive difference.   Welcome beautiful Kaer…my sister…my friend, and Austin's bright shiny new O-Girl….your new journey begins today. #

Rafe Allardyce: claps softly

Ratzu Darkstone: dakota-->

Ratzu Darkstone: smiles to jen and turns next to dakota

Dak?ta Ashford: thank you

Dak?ta Ashford: I will start by saying my sisters Mari and Kaer have had much more of an influence on Kaer's journey than I because of time zones.  I expect to supply Jen with tissues for proud tears later.  I am actually blessed to have the gotten the opportunity to be a witness and hopefully help in her final stages.  I mention that to put my comments about this wonderful girl into context...

Kaer bites her lip blushing, a tear already trickling across my cheek

Dak?ta Ashford: *Jen

Dak?ta Ashford: I can't say I knew Kaer very well before Chateau, only the experiences I had with her on a few assignments and events.  My general impression during that time was that she seemed nice and had definite thoughts about what she wanted and should get from this program.  She also had some bumps in her journey that I didn't fully understand....

Jen: smiles and wipes a tear (really)

Dak?ta Ashford: What I know now is that Kaer is a sweet and beautiful girl.  In this I'm not just talking about her AV, which is caliente :)  I'm talking about the person.  She has stayed at Austin where others would have quit.  She has persevered where others would have quit.  And that was before Chateau...

Rafe Allardyce: nodssss

Jen: grins

Dak?ta Ashford: What I've witnessed from my outsider/inside perspective of the time she was in Chateau was a girl finding her groove.  It was no longer about what she should get from the program, it became about what she got from her submission. ...

mari smiles nodding

Kaer wipes her tears with a tissue, feeling a big emotion... so very humbled

MK smiles

Dak?ta Ashford: I'm a worried hen and I can't tell you how many times she made me smile after reaching out to poke her.  I look forward to seeing the rest of your journey as an O-girl Kaer, my sweet brilliant sister.  And thank you soo soo much for those Masters that helped her be here today.

Dak?ta Ashford: #

Ratzu Darkstone: smiles

Rafe Allardyce: claps softly

Jen: claps softly

Dak?ta Ashford smiles to Kaer and Jen

WW: +*'`'*   APPLAUSE   *'`'*+:;.

Kaer smiles and cry at the same time

Ratzu Darkstone: thank you so much jen and dakota- you are precious to us all

Kaer blow a kiss to her mentors

Ratzu Darkstone: now you may return and take your seats

Jen: Thank you Master

Dak?ta Ashford smiles once more at Kaer and heads to sit

Dak?ta Ashford: thank you Master

Jen: squeezes Kear's arm

Rafe Allardyce: Pets Jen's hair

Ratzu Darkstone: now I invite anyone here to speak to or about kaer. Please use @ to ask to talk and use # when you are done

mari: @

Ratzu Darkstone: mari-->

Sage Avedon: @

mari: Thinking about this ceremony, I began to reminesce about you, Kaer, your training and your challenges and how you have grown.  When I met you at first your biggest challenge was speaking English.   You wanted to use a translator all the time and I can remember telling you not to do force yourself to speak English, as speaking English poorly was better than using a translator.   And then you could concentrate more on what you were doing.  So I congratulate you first on speaking better and better English!

mari: As children we learn to be patient, and as mentees we learn a lot more patience.   You have done this and expanded your horizons,  You have learned to be more relaxed and more pleasing by understanding that a submissive must be able to relax and please the Masters with a calm accepting personna.   For you and I know we receive much when we give the gift of ourselves.   I am so proud to have seen that growth during the past year and congratulate you!

mari: I'm remembering your wonderful times with Master Arie and me this past year, and you grew then too .... as both of us did helping you.  When we help each other - we both win.

WW: @

Rafe Allardyce: smiles at Mari

MK: @

mari: You have chosen to walk a beautiful path of a submissive woman, and you have made me proud to be a part of that life with you.   I sincerely believe you have made great progress and truly have learned and given much during your training at Austin.   I hope you will continue being the beautiful woman you are Austin submissive woman, and will also have the title and ring to show you are an O-girl of Austin.  My blessings to you, my sister, my mentee, and my friend.  I give you the best gift I can - my love, always.

Jen: smiles at Mari's words

mari: Love, mari   #

Ratzu Darkstone: sage-->

Sage Avedon: Congratulations dearest Kaer!  Today you stand here a shining example of grit and determination and perseverance! Your path to Ogirl has not been an easy one, yet here you are.  You over came your obstacles one by one and now you are Austins newest O-Girl. I am so very proud of you sweet Kaer. Hugs!  Now spread your lovely wings and fly!!#

Rafe Allardyce: Claps Mari softly

Belle smiles softly

Belle: @

Kaer smiles softly and blow a kiss to mari

Ratzu Darkstone: WW-->

WW: Kaer first I would say that I'm so happy to see you finishing your first journey (second one will be your full O-girl life).

I know that, as usual, this first one one has been difficult and we didn't facilitate it. Your new title is thus having it's full high value. Also, being among other girls who have withdrawn was probably hard for you. You climbed all the steps and have shown courage and resistance. As for me this psycho strongness has a great value. You succeeded in every challenge you met. Congratulations.

Since the beginning you show experience and deep will. Perhaps some spannish words we exchanged got us closer than usual. Anyway you have shown a high level of both submission and kinks. I'm sure that you will be a wonderful full girl and I warn some of Brothers who didn't yet visit your room : caution Brothers as this one might surprise you. #

Ratzu Darkstone: MK-->

MK: I've always thought of Kaer as a sweet girl, very likeable and nice. Once, when we were at voice chat and my girl Linda put on her voice morpher and sang a song in a high pitched chipmunk voice, Kaer had literally squealed with delight, like some innocent child on first seeing a new toy. I absolutely loved it.

MK: Of course, I know that behind the avatar is a smart sexy woman (and boy, is she mucho sexy in rl!), who has persevered and gotten the highest distinction one can achieve here at austin. And so Linda and I would like to congratulate kaer and her mentors on this momentous day. I know that she will acquit herself in the most exemplary fashion as an O girl, and that she will continue to contribute to the sim and community as a whole. I look forward to our continued friendship with this sweet sweet girl. On to more adventures! Bravo kaer x

MK: #

Ratzu Darkstone: belle-->

Belle: I am so very happy to see my sister emerge from the Chateau.  We all know the wonderful times and the heartaches that we go through to make it to this point and I am very proud to see you here today and even more proud to call you Sister.



Belle: #

Ratzu Darkstone: smiles

Rafe Allardyce: @

Ratzu Darkstone: looks for other hands raised

Ratzu Darkstone: Rafe-->

Rafe Allardyce: @

Rafe Allardyce: Stands and coughs.... ahemmm

???e: @

Jen: grins

Ronald Schmid: @

Rafe Allardyce: Rarely have I seen a Girl grow as much as Kaer during her time in Austin and especially since she entered the chateau.  From being somewhat gauche and struggling with her English, Kaer has developed into a genuine sweetie.

Melinda Nyn: @

Rafe Allardyce: In fact, I would go so far as to say I "love" her very much!  That, as Jen has already explained, is a little in-joke because Kaer has pointed out to me that first language English speakers do not seem to have enough for different types of "love" as Spanish speakers so that she is sometimes forced to use the phrase, "I love you", when what she really means, "I am very fond of you."  Actually, I found this really sweet and it endeared me to the Girl.  And I think she is very fond of me!

Rafe Allardyce: winks at Kaer

mari chuckles

Rafe Allardyce: What has she learned?  By dint of very hard work on all of her assignments and by listening carefully to the advice of her mentors and accepting their practical help, Kaer has matured into a very accomplished, devoted and eager submissive.

Kaer smiles

Belle giggles

Jen: grins

Rafe Allardyce: With plenty of RL experience of BDSM and some D/s too, as well as further interaction with the Masters at Austin, some of whom I have spoken to in depth, Kaer knows how to behave, how to serve, how to relax into a scene and how to emote her feelings and actions in a very pleasing manner.  She is a delight to have at one's feet.... or over a spanking chair!

Rafe Allardyce: Having also completed many written assignments with Kaer when she was a GiS as well as a GiT, I know that Kaer has a very sound understanding of the theory of D/s, of why women submit and what it is that she hopes to give in a D/s relationship and what she hopes to gain.  Kaer has demonstrated a hunger for information and for discussion of the issues of submission and domination, she wants her ideas tested and wants to build her own proficiency and understanding by listening to others.

Rafe Allardyce: ... almost done....

Rafe Allardyce: She knows she has much to learn as yet at Austin and I have every confidence that she will go on to do so as an O Girl and also, become a caring mentor as well as a leaner.

Rafe Allardyce: I am delighted to welcome Kaer to the firmament of stars that are our Austin Girls.  Yay!!

Rafe Allardyce: #

Ratzu Darkstone: Arie-->

???e: Congratulations Kaer

Kaer blushes deeply at all the kind words

???e: Be proud! .Proud at this milestone you achieved on your journey to become the submissive deep inside you all the time. We had some struggles but you always did show me your ability to learn and grow.  Watching you standing here now makes me happy. Happy because those hard times did help you. I always knew you had it in you. Congratulations Kaer and pls keep amazing us as an O-girl, like you did during your training. My girl Mari and I will always be there for you.

???e: #

Ratzu Darkstone: Ronald-->

Rafe Allardyce: smailes at Arie

Ronald Schmid: At some point in life, we all come to realize that this our life, is not about us, but about those we loves and support.  At some point this girl, Kaer, crossed that canyon, in her own growth as a submissive..  Its not an easily describable realization, particularly as a submissive, who, as we all do, want the world to be as it should be, and not as it is.  This beautiful girl humbled herself, and she learned...learned from her self as well as from others, and so I congratulate her on her growth and her personal accomplishment here with us today.

Congratulations Kaer

Jen: smiles

Ratzu Darkstone: melinda-->

Melinda Nyn: I have to say that i am eating my words as i never thought, from day one, that Kaer had what it took to complete the Austin training. As time has passsed i'm overwhelmed at how much she ahs changed, grown, adapted and become an amazing person and a fabuulous O girl! Howe do I know? i am listening to you all today and i look forward to getting to know her far more now. congratulations kaer!

Melinda Nyn: #

Phil Veloce: @

Rafe Allardyce: smilea at Mel

Ratzu Darkstone: smiles and beams in pride at the words of wisdom and admiration from everyone

Ratzu Darkstone: Phil-->

Melinda Nyn boshes

Melinda Nyn: gulps and blushes instead

Phil Veloce: kaer is quite simply....real. The emotions come through the screen and the keyboard, irrespective of any language challenges.. One feels her presence so intensely. And it becomes clear that she is a lovely person and a wonderful submissive. And she extends trust, the greatest gift. Her attainment of O Girl status is well deserved. Well done kaer.

Phil Veloce: #

Ratzu Darkstone: smile

Kaer wipes her tears with a tissuee again

Ratzu Darkstone: face me now kaer

Ratzu Darkstone: at this time I release you from your vow of silence and invite you now to speak to the people gathered here

Kaer nods and swallows trembling

mari smiles

Kaer looks looks into all eyes of this wonderful family, smiling with tears in her eyes and start to speak whispering, her voice trembling a bit because the great emotion

Kaer: During my training I had a long time as GIS (about 1 year) because of different things that happened in RL and SL, and that helped me to be patient, which was very difficult for me, and I learned to enjoy the wait. Also helped me to better know each of the Austin's Masters

Kaer: I must to say that I think this long period as GIS it's the best thing that could happen to me, because helped me to be even more prepared for my time into Chateau with calm, and happiness. I also learned In Austin to accept that things are not always as we want.

Kaer: In the Chateau I have learned basically to be with myself, to reflect, I have learned not to despair and even enjoy when I'm locked up into a cage. I have learned to enjoy my cell, and if I was logged into SL, then I was always in my room, and although I could transport myself to other places outside Austin, I did not want to do, also I almost never explored the Chateau, because my cell was my place.

Kaer: There was a lot of time without other girl but me, I think it's easier when we know that there is another in our same situation, there near us, even if not talk to her, but seeing her there gives encouragement. Despite it, I was always sure and quiet, my time at the Chateau was very productive and I think necessary, neither more nor less.

Kaer: In the Chateau I discovered that what I thought were my limits absolutely loosened when I feel comfortable with a Master with whom I connect and who I respect and trust; which has served me also for my D/s practices in RL, and I learned that my submission is much deeper than I thought, even going to feel like a slave in some occasion. I have learned to be happy in my deep submission.

Rafe Allardyce: smiles

Kaer: I had many visits from Masters into Chateau, actually so many that sometimes I forgot what it meant to be alone (giggles), that fills me with joy because made me to know and feel that I am protected by all who visited and allowed me to submit, and to see all they love and protect me.

Belle smiles with tears in her eyes

Kaer turns to Master Ratzu, looking him into his eyes

Ratzu Darkstone: listens close

Kaer: I would first like to thank Master Ratzu: I have never been lucky enough to be really close to him, but when I had a bad moment during my training and time at Austin, he offered me his protection without hesitation. He is a great Master and what he is doing here is very wonderful. Thanks Master Ratzu for giving us the opportunity to live this almost real dream about D/s.

MK smiles

Rafe Allardyce: claps softly

Ratzu Darkstone: smile

Jen: smiles

Kaer turns back to the group trying to be strong and don't fall into crying, try to clears her voice

Kaer: Now, I would like to thank my mentors and sisters. I always thought was a bad luck girl, but now I know I'm more luckier than most, because I think I'm the only one who can say had 5 mentors in my training, I guess it is because my long training as GIS as I said before, what is not usual. I want to thank then each one of my mentors, because all them helped me to be here today:

Jen: grinsssss

Dak?ta Ashford wipes tears and blows kisses

Kaer: Ara and Lilian: my first two mentors, we started very well, I felt them very close, I had a great support from both, and lived very special moments with them. Sadly currently Lilian is no longer our sister, and Ara is not here in SL time ago, and although was a bit difficult the last months, I keep a special affection to both them, thanks to both.

Kaer: Mari: she was my 3rd mentor, I have no words to describe our relationship, from stormy moments to moments of great tenderness and affection, was difficult at times, was hard for me to trust completely her, was difficult sometime to agree, but she worked hard with me to get it, and when we succeed, we worked closely together, so close that I even asked her for help once that my mentors were not online.

Jen: smiles as tears flow

Kaer: I want to publicly thank Mari the effort she put to help me, I want to say publicly also that she won my love and respect, and I knew learn put myself in her place, and love her anyway. I was honored to have her as one of my handmaidens in my initiation. Thank you Mari for everything you did for me.

Rafe Allardyce: smiles and wipes away a tear

Kaer: Because Mari has a busy RL, and Ara was no longer here, before I went to the Chateau I had news that would have 2 new mentors: Dakota and Jen (my 4th and 5th mentors). If I must be honest, and whom know me deep, know that always I am, I was a bit nervous waiting to know whom would be them, but was jumping for joy when I knew, because both are a very nice and special girls

mari smiles softly ..... loving Kaer.

Kaer: Dakota: I met her when she finished her time in the Chateau and she bought for me a tray to serve the Masters in Café, I love that tray, and it was a great gesture of generosity with me, when she almost didn't knew me, and so she is, she always looks happy, she gives me good vibration, she was one of my handmaidens in my initiation and although we could not have much time together due our different schedules, she was supporting me while I was at the Chateau. Dakota, thanks for being there, and thanks for agreeing to be my mentor

Jen: smiles and claps softly

Dak?ta Ashford gives love

mari smiles

Kaer: Jen: I did not leave her for last because she is the least important, she is "the Saint" as Master Rafe (her Master) says, she's all, she has been my mentor, my friend, my support, my counselor, has been ears for me when I needed to talk, she was my teacher, she has been like my mother, and my sister together. With that I say everything, and even she always think in all details, helping in all, I could not have had a better mentor, Jen thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a saint, really, and I love you madly.

Jen feels the tears well up and trickle softly down my face

WW: me too actually !

Jen whispers .....I love you sweet girl

Belle smiles and nods

Rafe Allardyce: shares Jen's tissue

Kaer: I have also a guardian angel that protects me, listen to me, advise me, understand me, that is always whenever I need, that appears out of nowhere to whisper me that I am not alone, that in the worst moments was with me more than any other, I was sometimes not agreed with her 100%, but she was and is my first friend here, and now my sister,

Kaer: that angel is called Marion, and I love her madly also. Thank you with my heart, Marion.

Rafe Allardyce: claps Marion softly

Marion Fadlan smiles wide and happy

Kaer: Orchid: she helped me many times, she made very pretty dresses for my event about Flamenco Show, we was confidants in the beginning, and I know she is a very special girl. I asked her to be my 3rd handmaidens in my initiation, and I had the honor she accepted. Thank Orchid, you're a great woman and everyone feel affection for you.

Kaer: Sage Avedon: I know her long ago but we didn't get to work together in any assignment, and we had not too many conversations, so I asked her to help me in the re-integration plan, and she accepted. Sage, I am happy to work with you, thanks heartfelt for accepting, kisses

Jen: smiles

Sage Avedon blows a kiss to Kaer

Kaer: And there are many others, Meme, Avril, Sage D, Sassy, Cara, Sookie, Ivy, Belle who was my first 2 weeks into Chateau with me, even others who left as Aimee, or those who never decided and now are O-sub as Melinda (by the way, congratulations my friend), and all in one way or another made me feel their warmth near me, thanks to all of them that are my sisters now.

Kaer: I would also like to thank all of Austin's Masters that with so much love, dedication and power help us in our submission, dedicating their time to us, and allowing us to submit to them, but especially the Masters whom visited me at the Chateau. As I said before, I had so many visits, I did not feel never really alone, I'm a lucky girl, because they love me and I love them all:

Melinda Nyn smiles and blows a kiss to Kaer

Kaer: Master LG: he was my Valet, whom first took care of me after my initiation, with so much tenderness, so much love, that made me feel at home. I did not see him every day, but even when he was not, I knew he was caring about me, and when he was I knew he was protect me, with deep respect and enough space to let me deepen my silence time. He is a great Master and great protector, he made my stay into Chateau even more meaning, and today I had the honor to have him escorting me from the Vault. Thanks for the dance that you gave me before my ceremony, thanks for taking care of me, Master LG, you already have a place in my heart.

Rafe Allardyce: claps LG

LG : smiles at the beautiful girl

Jen: smiles

Kaer: Master Rafe: I knew him more deeply when he helped me with several of my assignaments, and loved it. I can say that he has been very important in my training as GIS and my time into Chateau, we share many scenes together, I learned a lot from him. I have learned to understand even better about control and power. I felt cared for, loved, protected, and most of all I always feel respected and I respect him as a great Master.

Kaer: Thanks Master Rafe for all the time you have devoted to me, thanks for making me feel your love, for all your hugs, thank you for helping me know what I am, you are a dear Master for me.

Jen: wipes a tear

Rafe Allardyce: smiles

Kaer: Master WW: as GIS I did not have much opportunity to spend much time with him, but as GIT within the Chateau, I have to say he is the Master that longer has dedicated his time to me into Chateau. In the beginning and also some of my days into Vault he was almost every day with me, teaching me what to do, we had long talks together, he devoted to me much time and attention, caring for me. He is a great teacher, and a great and experienced Master, I have not words to thank so much help and time. Thanks for all Master WW.

WW winks as usual

Kaer: Master Arie: What I can say about him that not everyone know? if I say I'm here because of him, I think I'm saying everything. He was the first person I met in Austin, and because him I am here, he awoke in me the desire to belong to this great family, and now I'm so happy here, I'll thank him forever. When I met him I was lost, very lost, he helped me so much, he cared for me, protecting me, he spent a lot of time to me, he was always when I needed him, in my good, mediocre and bad times, he was always there.

Kaer: Difficult to meet a more honest person than Master Arie, and from the beginning he had my full confidence, I can't not lose a second to doubt him.

He is a very kind Master, who knows just when he should be hard and strict. and when he should be gentle. He promised me would always be by my side, and he did although sometimes was difficult to accomplish, also visited me many times in the Chateau to giving me his support, protection, discipline and care. I can not say anything more, but thank you, I love you Master Arie.

Jen: smiles

mari smiles softly nodding

Rafe Allardyce: smiles

Kaer: Master Phil: I did not know him at all, then thanks to the assignament to know the Masters, I did an interview to him a few days before going into the Chateau. We talked about my limits and he told me he wanted to work on one of them, if I was willing, specifically my aversion to lick and worship shoes, because it was something that seemed disgusting and humiliating to me. Of course I was willing, as I love to go forward and grow. He helped me to break that barrier, teaching me to feel this in a different way, to the point of begging permission to do.

Kaer: I felt a connection with him so deep... and that is a Master to me, one who takes my power and uses it to make me love what I did hate, who has the power over a submissive, as he did. Thanks with my heart, I love you Master Phil.

Kaer: Master Domi: my first strong scene in the Chateau was with him, I was surprised, I had always looked him as quiet and calm, and when he came to visit me, he make me feel a deep submission to him. It is more difficult here in SL than in RL to feel, but he made me fall into an absolute surrender, and I loved it, I also felt his support, protection, care and concern about me during my time into Chateau. Thanks Master Domi, you are a great Master.

Phil Veloce coughs into his hand, while studying his shoe

Ronald Schmid: grins

mari smiles more and more

Kaer: Master Ronald: I unfortunately met him just a few times, because our very different schedules, but I can say that he came into my heart from the first minute I met him. His respect, his authority, his concern, his greatness dazzled me and I admire him as man, as person, as Master. I had only 3 or 4 chats with him, but were so deep that seem been 50, or 100.

Jen: smiles

Kaer: Sometimes the connection is more by feelings, something that can not be explained that sometimes arises in minutes after having met a person, and we only feel, without explanation, and no need have frequent meetings to continue to flourish within us. Now is the time to say thanks for being as you are, and thanks for have been able to visit me in the Vault, I love you Master Ronald.

WW pushes his elbow to his neighbor

Kaer: Master Marq: I did not have many encounters with him, but my first real approach was when the bombing in Paris, I found him alone in the Café and had a great connection with him. I was lucky to be visited by him, and he makes me feel always loved and protected, he has an halo around exquisite elegance, which gives a special light, and that light has come into my heart. You are very special to me, thanks for let me submit to you, Master Marq

Kaer: Master Beldom: he is a great Master, strong, strict, very powerful but tender at once, is a great person and I trust him as a Master. Although we were not always compatible, I learned. I have you in my heart, Master Beldom, and it will not change.

Kaer: Master Franc: although when my time into Chateau he had a very busy RL, I was lucky enough to have his visit in my cell once. I have a great affection for him, as he tries to give warmth, care, protection to all Austin's girls, and I was also lucky to share good times with him in my GIS period, thanks Master Franc for your great time devoted to my

Kaer: Master Sigurd: I did not know him at all, but he was kind to visit me in the Chateau, and was the only one that made me do exercise, running on a treadmill, which was good to stretch my legs (giggles), despite I had a great round of flogging during and after. Thanks for your time and for being original in your way to made submit myself to you, Master Sigurd.

Jen: grins

Kaer: Master RB: he helped me in assignaments as GIS and even into Chateau, making me feel his support and protection, thank you Master RB

Kaer: Master Nik: he began to be Valet when I was already in the Vault, but he took his role with great interest and concern, he had an interview with me, visited me when he could and even he stopped work for a few minutes to come to greet me before my ceremony. You will be a great Valet, I'm sorry to have missed it, thanks with my heart Master Nik

Kaer: I would also like to say special thanks to Master Sergej: long time ago that he was not here and I sent a private message, and he is here in my ceremony. I have to thank him many past moments as GIS in which he has given me his support, giving me his time and company, in my best and worst moments, also his love, and he has also earned a place in my heart. Thank you Master Sergej, and thank you for give me the honor to have you today near me

WW feels pride with his mentee

Jen: smiles and softly claps

Kaer: And now, I close this with my specials thoughts to all. To all girls, my sisters now, and all Masters, thanks for all support you given me and for making me feel your love and protection, and the belief in me. Thank everyone who came here to share my happiness in becoming an O-girl. ((sorry for my longs words))#

Ratzu Darkstone: smiles with pride at kaer

Kaer smiling as tears stream down her face

Rafe Allardyce: Grinsss... stunned by the mastery of her English now

Marion Fadlan:                        *•.¸'*•.¸ ? ¸.•*´¸.•*
Marion Fadlan:                   .•*?¨`•  BRAVO!!!!  •¨`?*•.
Marion Fadlan:                     ¸.•*`¸.•*´  ?  `*•.¸`*•.¸

MK: Bravo Kare xxx

Rafe Allardyce: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********

Sage Avedon applauds

CuriousHeart Loordes applauds


Rafe Allardyce: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********

Domi Galli claps... bravo, chica !

Billy Avedon: applauds

WW: .

:            (`'•.¸¸(`'•.¸ ?  ¸.•'´)¸.•'´)
:    ?(`'•.¸:•.•:*¨*??*¨*:•.•:¸.•'´)?
:        ,.´:*     APPLAUSE !!!!     *:´.,
:  ? (¸.•'´:•.•:*¨*??*¨*:•.•:`'•.¸) ?
:            (¸.•'´(¸.•'´ ?  ´`'•.¸)`'•.¸)

Rod Loordes: applauds

Dak?ta Ashford applauds hugely!!!

RB cheers loudly for the beautiful new O girl

Ratzu Darkstone: kaer- I want you to repeat the o-girls creed after me- are you ready?

Frost: smiles


Alvaro Beauchamp applauds


Rafe Allardyce: Standing ovation for a wonderful speech

Kaer smiles turning back to Master Ratzu

Duke: applauds, very impressd with the new O girl

Kaer: yes Master, I'm ready

Rafe Allardyce: I must join this amazing place called Austin with all these amazing masters and Girls!!!

Ratzu Darkstone: As an o-girl at Austin I promise to be a shining light of submission that is obvious to all. I know that a Master is judged by his submissive and the Austin Group is judged by its submissive girls. I am dedicated that all who view me see the greatness, integrity and power of the Austin group through my humble, submissive and powerful ways. People can clearly see my will is the will of Austin. My purpose is to please and serve. I am an obvious illustration that by yielding in body, mind, and soul, my heart has yielded the greatest reward in return.  As a powerful and submissive o-girl, I endeavor to be the wind under the wings of our Masters as they lead our group while they protect and nurture us.

Kaer: As an o-girl at Austin I promise to be a shining light of submission that is obvious to all. I know that a Master is judged by his submissive and the Austin Group is judged by its submissive girls. I am dedicated that all who view me see the greatness, integrity and power of the Austin group through my humble, submissive and powerful ways. People can clearly see my will is the will of Austin. My purpose is to please and serve. I am an obvious illustration that by yielding in body, mind, and soul, my heart has yielded the greatest reward in return. As a powerful and submissive o-girl, I endeavor to be the wind under the wings of our Masters as they lead our group while they protect and nurture us.

Ratzu Darkstone: I believe a girl's journey of submission does not end when she becomes an O Girl.  I willingly serve all Masters of Austin while in the sim. I will offer my service to them with no expectation of reward or recognition.   I recognize the right of a Master to restrict a girl under his collar and I respect that special bond as the highest order. I put our masters at Austin first. I treat their domination as a treasured gift. I give them priority for my attention in the sim. I am committed to the highest standards of submission during scenes and after.

Kaer: I believe a girl's journey of submission does not end when she becomes an O Girl. I willingly serve all Masters of Austin while in the sim. I will offer my service to them with no expectation of reward or recognition. I recognize the right of a Master to restrict a girl under his collar and I respect that special bond as the highest order. I put our masters at Austin first. I treat their domination as a treasured gift. I give them priority for my attention in the sim. I am committed to the highest standards of submission during scenes and after.

Ratzu Darkstone: Austin is my SL home.  I will always defend and uphold the group's reputation. and I will wear my Austin title  proudly. As an O-girl, I will respect all masters and girls in the group. I will hold my own standards to the highest possible level and expect the same of others. I will not be deceptive to other members in any way. I will not gossip or smear the character of other masters or girls in chat or IM and I will act to limit this behavior if I witness it in others.

Kaer: Austin is my SL home. I will always defend and uphold the group's reputation. and I will wear my Austin title proudly. As an O-girl, I will respect all masters and girls in the group. I will hold my own standards to the highest possible level and expect the same of others. I will not be deceptive to other members in any way. I will not gossip or smear the character of other masters or girls in chat or IM and I will act to limit this behavior if I witness it in others.

Kaer: Austin is my SL home. I will always defend and uphold the group's reputation. and I will wear my Austin title proudly. As an O-girl, I will respect all masters and girls in the group. I will hold my own standards to the highest possible level and expect the same of others. I will not be deceptive to other members in any way. I will not gossip or smear the character of other masters or girls in chat or IM and I will act to limit this behavior if I witness it in others.

Ratzu Darkstone slips the ring of O on her finger

Jen: smiles ....tears flowing again

Ratzu Darkstone: NOW!

Melinda Nyn: watches the tag change

Kaer looks with pride at the bright ring on her finger and the recently released title in her head and tears running down her cheeks, with deep emotion

Ratzu Darkstone: please welcome opur newset o-girl

Jen: WooHooooooooo

CuriousHeart Loordes applauds again

Sage Avedon applauds with tears in my eyes!!!

Ratzu Darkstone: and join her at the dance

WW: .

???,.-:*    C  L  A  P  S   *:-.,???
???,.-:*        F  O  R       *:-.,???
???,.-:*      T  H  A  T    *:-.,???
???,.-:*      S T U N N I N G    *:-.,???
???,.-:*       G I R L         *:-.,???
???,.-:*                           *:-.,???

Jen: jumps up and down

Dak?ta Ashford: Kaer!!!

Aisha Sohl applauds Kaer! Welcome home sister..

Ratzu Darkstone: the ceremony is complete

mari: yayyyyyy KAER~~~~~

LG : Congratulations Kaer,  you have been a most wonderful Girl in Training,  it pleases me greatly to see you now an a beautiful O-Girl.   You have always displayed the best of a submissive girl.  I look forward to seeing you continue in your journey and wish you every happiness in the road ahead.  Well Done.

mari: you were WONDERFUL

Frost: beams

Rafe Allardyce: ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********

mari: wonderful WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!

Ratzu Darkstone grabs kaer, hugs her and gropes her behind

Marion Fadlan:                        *•.¸'*•.¸ ? ¸.•*´¸.•*
Marion Fadlan:                   .•*?¨`•  BRAVO!!!!  •¨`?*•.
Marion Fadlan:                     ¸.•*`¸.•*´  ?  `*•.¸`*•.¸

Jael: congratulations, Kaer

WW: ???,.-:*C O N G R A T S*:-.,???

Jen: giggles

Rod Loordes: claps vigerously

Kaer smiles and hug Master Ratzu tight with affection

Ronald Schmid appaluds and applauds

WW: ¦¦¦¦¦ GREAT ¦¦¦¦¦

???e:                        *•.¸'*•.¸ ? ¸.•*´¸.•*
???e:                   .•*?¨`•  BRAVO•¨`?*•.
???e:                     ¸.•*`¸.•*´  ?  `*•.¸`*•.¸

Ratzu Darkstone: smiles


Marcus: Many Many Congratulations Kaer

Ratzu Darkstone: now go have fun kaer

WW: (¯ `·.\ /.·´¯)¦..
(¯ `·.(?).·´¯)¦(¯`:´¯)?
(_.·´/ \`·._)(¯ `·.\ /.·´¯)
¦ (_.:._).¦(¯ `·.(?).·´¯)
¦(¯`:´¯)¦¦(_.·´/ \`·._)
(¯ `·.\ /.·´¯)¦¦(_.:._)
(¯ `·.(?).·´¯)¦
(_.·´/ \`·._)¦

Melinda Nyn: applause!!!

Ratzu Darkstone sneaks out the back

Jen: grinsss big

mari: YES!

Jen: There is music in the Cabaret for all

CuriousHeart Loordes: yay

Jen: If the lag allows, please give Kaer a squeeze ....grins

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