Monday, September 7, 2015

The development of the Veiled Underground

I recently took a quick look at the development of the new Veiled Underground, which is the direct successor to the popular Eyes Wide Shut sim and now run by Grace (Summergrace Resident).

The sim has been in construction for awhile now, but from the looks of it has been shaping up quite nicely as a future venue for what Grace says will be completely new secret rituals that don't necessarily follow the Kissing Circle of the Eyes Wide Shut movie.

Current features of the sim (which has not officially opened and is still under heavy construction) include:
  • Music Cafe and general community area
  • Japanese Garden
  • Sunset Beach
  • Caves
  • Incognito!  The Club
  • Underground Community Area
  • Gaming Area 

Visitors currently rez close to a circular area surrounded by ancient columns.

Nearby is a floating platform for dancing with a sailboat moored next to it and an off-sim island rising in the distance.

To the other side is the sim's Japanese Garden with some Japanese-themed structures, their colorful and elaborate ornamentation blending in quite nicely with the surrounding environment.

Carefully maintained dirt paths ring the sim to allow visitors to explore its features.

The most notable feature is a wall of stony outcrops that stand like silent sentinels in the distance.

Stairs leading up to the top of these rocky hills reveal another dance venue.

But more interesting still are entrances to the underground caverns where some of the planned rituals are going to be held, which are embedded along the sides of the mass of rocks.

I explored one of the caverns, passing through underground chambers and pools as I slowly ascended up the mountain and at last into the bright sunshine of the forested area above.

I must say I am looking forward to future events in this new sim, and the promise of rituals which have never been seen before in SL is intriguing, to say the least.

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