Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Reading in Voice at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin

On September 16, 2015 Melinda Nyn hosted a reading in voice at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin. A nice group of around 15 people attended. Both Linda and I had to rush in to catch the last part, but we did make it. It is always a treat to hear people in voice, and doing it when they are reading some sexy erotic piece of literature makes it twice as good!

When I dropped in, Tiger Zepp (who has a seriously good accented voice) had already finished his reading, and Avril Aura was up in front delighting everyone with her own rendition of a story that Tiger had given her. Yes Avril, you have a really good voice when you're not in "Sarcastic Avril" mode! ;-)

Avril Aura
Jonathon Carbenell came on next and gave us a really fascinating look at an excerpt from a book he is writing called "Captive", as well a short piece called "Dominate Her", both of which are in his website.

Jonathon Carbenell
The next reader was Sage Avedon (SageWisdom), who gave us a heartfelt rendition of a story called "Coffee", which was written by a friend of hers. Sage's subdued trembling voice, normally so full and warm, fit perfectly with the storyline.

Sage Avedon
I then did my own piece, which I had taken from an email story I had written awhile back, and which I called "Tropical Breakfast". Fortunately, my hammy acting did not scare anyone away, as they would have missed Melinda Nyn's rich British voice give life to an excerpt from one of Cherise Sinclair's works. No hammy acting from her...she nailed it...but then again, she's a professional entertainer.

Melinda Nyn
Linda managed to come in before the end of the event, and people convinced her to read part of an email story I had also written called "California Roll". She only read a short part from it (more later!), but her lilting seriously sexy southern belle accent gave me (and probably not a few of the other listeners) the shivers. I had the strongest urge to leash her and take my little pet to some dark and depraved place...oh wait, did I actually write that? Gosh darn hormones *smh*

Linda Burnstein-King
In the end, the event was so thoroughly enjoyable for everyone that Austin will now be holding a semi-regular erotic reading event that will be hosted by Melinda and Sage, and I look forward to lots more trembling performances from the girls and their sexy sexy voices!*

* oh right...the guys can read too, just don't expect me to call them "sexy"

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