Friday, September 11, 2015

Austin magazine Anniversary issue released!

A new anniversary issue of the Austin magazine was released yesterday just in time before the festivities of next week. The editor-in-chief O-girl Avril Aura did a seriously fantastic job in terms of the layout and overall design of the publication, and people can obtain an inworld copy from the cafe at Austin.

In addition, I uploaded a PDF version of the magazine for people who would like read it on the web, as the small fonts that are available inworld are sometimes hard to read for some people. Click here to view the magazine in PDF format.

The Austin magazine was started in February 2013 by O-girl Caliope (Caly Gothly), and run for 10 issues, with the last previous issue on May 2014. We should all thank these O-girls for their hard work (as well as the writers of course!) in producing such informative and entertaining reading!

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