Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fun Fair Event at Cafe LaPe'rouse @ Austin

Linda and I attended the Fun Fair event hosted by Melinda Nyn and Sage Avedon (Sagewisdom) on September 15, 2015. Music was provided by PaintHorse Graysmark.

I remember attending this as well last year, and I remember being shot out of the cannon and landing so far away I had trouble making my way back.

The same cannon was there this year, and I could almost hear my boo's brain gears going into hyper toot mode as she thought about ways to get me into that infernal machine again. Fortunately for me, she had to leave for RL before she managed to convince (or should I say "trick") me into climbing into the nice big hole at the front end of the nice shiny object.

Linda's brain gears are whirring
A really weird Panda also started dancing with us, which caused me to mention I had some Panda blood in me.

MK: you know, some of my ancestors were pandas....oh wait, they were Chinese, NOT pandas...but that's close enough *beams*

Avril of course (being the big Panda lover that she is) got really excited about this, until she heard about the addendum, then she accused me of "playing with her emotions" ha ha

Panda ogling the sexy Dakota
The other weird thing were the penis balloons that the DJ gave out to everyone, such that after awhile the dance floor was a sea of penises "jerking" back and forth as the dancers waved them in the air. One has to wonder what would have happened if anyone's member got too excited due to the cool music provided by DJ Painthorse (yikes!)

Some of the attendees included (sorry if I missed some people):

Aga Cisse
Aisha Sohl
Ariana Blackheart (ariana2011)
Avril (avril.aura)
Belle (darlingbelle)
Billy Avedon (billyeagle.avedon)
Crux Maximus
Dakota (dakota0therbee)
Dancer (michele.aria)
Hadaway Broadway
Jen (jen.umaga)
Lia (naharlia)
Linda Burnstein-King (lb.burnstein)
Marcus (marcusmassaro)
Melinda Nyn
MK (monkeyking2011)
Orchid (orchid.zsun)
Sage Avedon (sagewisdom)
Severus Fierenza

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