Friday, December 12, 2014

Movie Trivia Night at Cafe LaPe'rouse at Austin

I normally do not go inworld during night times, but I had the opportunity to do so on a limited basis last night and managed to drop in at the half point of Cafe O's Movie Trivia Night, which was hosted by Sage (SageWisdom resident) and Mili Adored.

The first thing that struck me was the nicely-decorated settings, which the hosts proudly announced was done by Naughty Glimmer. The second thing I noticed was the comfy red plushy chairs.

I sank into one and sighed, then looked around.

The room was filled with about 14-16 people, and I recognized most of them, including Reni (Serenity Streusel) and Dakota (Dakota0therbee Resident), our partners in Afro hair crime; Melinda Nyn, she of the gorgeous gluteus maximus;  Serena Mist (xurtheone), my mesh builder extraordinaire; as well as Taylor Smitty (TaylorSmitty Resident), BillyEagle Avedon, RB Quan, Aisha Sohl, Hunter Teodosio, Jen Umaga, Lia (Naharlia Resident),Darla Lacombe, and Johnny Avon, and probably some others I missed (sorry).

The game was simple. You had to put on a HUD that had four buttons labeled A to D, and when the hosts called out a multiple choice question, you simply pressed one of the buttons on your HUD. Each correct reply got you a point, and the points were totaled at the end to get an overall winner.

I have to say I had loads of fun doing this. The joking around and repartee between the competitors was non-stop, and even though I sucked big time at it (unfortunately, my girl Linda the Movie Trivia Diva was not on hand to uphold the family honor), I did manage to accumulate a few points.

I added a short cut of the public chat below just to show how one round went. Of course, I picked a round where moi won *grins*

But in the end after two games, the pretenders melted away and the real winners showed up...and they were...uh...Lia...both times I believe *grumbles*

[18:35] Sage (SageWisdom Resident): next question

[18:35] Melinda Nyn grins at MK
[18:35] SageWisdom Resident: 
QUESTION#15 In the 1951 science fiction movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still, what was the name of the robot?

[A.]Gort   [B]Klaatu  [C] Robby  [D] C3PO

[18:36] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): GOT THIS!!!
[18:36] Lia (Naharlia Resident): same name as the new one...
[18:36] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): cuz i'm just a shy sci fi geek
[18:36] 4Kittens Trivia Controller v1.5: Serenity Streusel (B), Melinda Nyn (C), TaylorSmitty Resident (C), Naharlia Resident (B), Dakota0therbee Resident (B), RB Quan (C), Johnny Avon (B) got the answer wrong!
[18:36] 4Kittens Trivia Controller v1.5: monkeyking2011 Resident got the answer right!
[18:36] 4Kittens Trivia Controller v1.5: The Correct Answer Was: A
[18:36] 4Kittens Trivia Controller v1.5: And the winner is: monkeyking2011 Resident!!!
[18:36] RB (RB Quan): we are up to movie 48 already
[18:36] Taylor Smitty (TaylorSmitty Resident) shouts "Tom Hanks"
[18:36] Dakota (Dakota0therbee Resident) laughs
[18:36] Sage (SageWisdom Resident) claps for Sir MK
[18:36] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): woooohooooo! 
[18:36] Melinda Nyn: haha well done MK Sir!
[18:36] Dakota (Dakota0therbee Resident): congratulations shy Sir
[18:37] MK (monkeyking2011 Resident): Where's lewisy? Gotta bring her up too
[18:37] Melinda Nyn: shy?
[18:37] Melinda Nyn chokes
[18:37] Dakota (Dakota0therbee Resident): lol
[18:37] Sage (SageWisdom Resident): lol
[18:37] Dakota (Dakota0therbee Resident): his words
[18:37] Reni (Serenity Streusel): Are you sure you are shy
[18:37] Sage (SageWisdom Resident): next question Masters and ladies

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