Friday, December 5, 2014

The uses of the leash

There is something very atavistic about using and seeing a leash being wielded on another person. It calls up feelings deep within us that are raw and slightly out of bounds of normal societal standards.

More than the collar, the sight of the leash by those not in the D/s world brings up feelings that might range from revulsion to confusion, and its overt use is not at all a common sight even in the relatively more liberal confines of SL.

From my perspective as a Dom, the leash has several functions, some of which are utilitarian, some of which are symbolic, and some of which fulfill emotional wants and needs.

1. The leash symbolizes the close relationship between the owner and the leashed. It is a physical manifestation of this relationship, much like the more inconspicuous collar.

2. The leash denotes ownership and protection, a symbolic sign to others around of the special bond between dom and sub, warning them that the leashed person is off limits to others, and that the sub is under the protection of the leash holder.

3. The leash functions as a guide. For example, it ensures that your sub will follow you and not get lost, especially in situations where there are crowds. Or it allows you to guide the sub to areas that you wish them to go.

4. The leash can be used in scene play as a simple prop.

5. The use of the leash engenders positive emotional feelings ranging from pride, to satisfaction, to lust. The sheer pleasure derived from the simple act of holding one's most treasured possession by the hand via the physical existence of the leash cannot be overemphasized.

In second life, most leashes are just one of the many features of the collars in use, and can be rezzed and derezzed at the whim of an owner.

The chat commands to manipulate the leash are one of the most important for any beginning leash owner. It is cumbersome to try to open menu commands via touch, and in truth there are not many commands to commit to one's memory anyway. The leash commands are listed here.

It is also incumbent upon the owner to be aware of various rules and protocols that may need to be observed when using leashes. For example, some sims frown strongly on the use of leashes, and it is not your place to thumb your nose at the preferences of the sim owners or the people who inhabit the sim and may feel that your kinks are being forced on them. You should also unleash your pet before any derezz, and the use of a leash holder prevents the leash from attaching to your center point.

The leash owner may also elect to train their sub on various hand commands to facilitate interactions while leashed. For example, a quick downward pull on the leash signifies that the sub should kneel or assume any of the lowered postures agreed upon with her Dom, while a quick tug upwards indicates that the sub should get up.

In the end though, the leash is an instrument that hinges on the personal one on one relationship between the Dom and his sub, and its role and significance could vary from couple to couple. It is up to you and your partner to attach meaning to this tool, one that will enrich the D/s experience for both of you.

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