Monday, December 8, 2014

The Night of the Hippiemobile

So what do you do when you have two friends over and your Master is draped in cool hippie attire?

Well, if you're Linda, then you take them out on a wild ride down the streets of Viper Bay on your very own Hippiemobile!

But I am getting ahead of myself.

Let me start at the beginning.

So there I was, chilling by my beach home in my cool rags and even cooler afro, listening to Jimi Hendrix and smoking my...cig...when I get a notice my main squeeze Linda had rezzed inworld.

I TPed over to her LindaLou art store, and after we were joined by Melinda Nyn and Sere (Serenity Streusel), we sat on her porch just enjoying the view and...well...chillin.

Linda being Linda, she soon had rezzed her hippiemobile and wanted to show us how it drove, so she rezzed one at street level and we piled into the small car.

We had barely managed to squeeze ourselves into our seats when Linda suddenly gunned the engine and zoomed recklessly along the avenues and byways of the sim, narrowly missing various walls, store fronts, fences, and trees.

I hang on for dear life as the car bounced, and weaved, and rattled its way, caroming over as many objects as Linda could reliably aim and hit, and my only consolation was  that I had a great view of Melinda's gorgeous bouncing...ahhh...

Anyways, suffice it to say all the passengers were heartened to know that in the event of a sudden (and likely) catastrophic failure, we would probably all be cushioned from mortal injury by my great big hairdo, which stuck out of the car like a huge bowling ball.

The car drove so recklessly that I soon had the urge to welcome back to the world the California sushi rolls I had for dinner, but fortunately Linda made a hard right turn at the next side street, and I flew head first out the window.

I believe I hit a few trashcans and perhaps a stop sign or two before ending up in a sodden heap next to the Depraved Monkey store, where I gratefully passed out after thanking the gods for my very own personal air bag.

When I came to, the three girls had departed and gone over to Cafe O, and I dragged myself into a limo and joined them, thanking my lucky stars that the night of the hippiemobile had finally ended.

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