Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Beatles 1960s Dance at The Olive Branch

My Linda Lou and I attended an absolutely fabulous dance party held on December 9 at The Olive Branch, with Melinda Nyn and Sage (Sagewisdom) hosting, and Stormy Dench as the DJ. The theme was The Beatles music and 1960s music pop culture in general, and the entire fantastic set was created from scratch by Melinda and her crew for the event!

I was dressed in my cool psychedelic hippie digs, including my towering Afro (which incidentally had saved my life the evening before!), while flower child Linda Lou was a mouth-watering morsel in her India Fringe Top and flowered jeans.

MK and Linda grooving to the music!
About 40 people crowded into the venue, surrounded on all four sides by towering walls built by Melinda depicting 1960s London, with the centerpiece being  the outside of the theater showing the Beatles' Hard Days Night movie premier.

Start of the dance as people trickle in looking stage right
Scattered around the venue were a slew of items from the 1960s, including a couple of big red London buses built by WW (worldwide Pedalo) specifically for the event, and an RLV-enabled phone booth which was inevitably dubbed as Dr. Who's Tardis. Lilian Howley provided the nice dance floor, while Mili Adored provided some technical assistance.

Start of the dance looking stage left
The place soon got really crowded, with people grooving to the music provided by DJ Stormy Dench, mostly Beatles interspersed with the sounds of 60s London and the Merseybeat.

DJ Stormy Dench
It was a hoot to see all the 1960s outfits on display, from variations on the hippie-theme (a hey ho to my brotha from another motha, AustinMartin1, who looked like my less tropical twin), to mini-skirts, go-go boots, and pillbox hats, to retro airline stewardess uniforms.

Hosts Melinda and Sage (background)
The event lasted for 2 hours, with people dancing until the very end. Melinda showed off her own Hippiemobile to shouts of "Herbie!" and the more controversial "R**E mobile!", and ended up toot tooting the little bug around the dance venue to cheers and whistles.

All in all, it was great fun, and very successful, with almost 40 people crowded into the arena. A great big thanks to all the hard work done by the hosts of the event, and here's hoping to more fun times in the future!

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