Sunday, December 21, 2014

Blog List: Some Movies I remember from the early 1980s

The Terminator 

Nothing else to say here. A classic. I watched it maybe 3-4 times in the theater that first day, though fell asleep in between I think. This and the second in the series were never surpassed or even matched by the sequels later. Must watch.

Micki and Maude

Mostly forgotten by people, but I remember watching this at least twice that day. It was funny, and the lead guy Dudley Moore was famous from Arthur.

Back to the Future

Another superb classic that spawned several good sequels. Nothing else need be said. Must watch.

Streets of Fire

Forgettable except for two things. The music Nowhere Fast and Diane Lane.

St. Elmo's Fire

Nothing says early 1980s than the brat pack. Also liked Demi Moore and the music.


Good holiday film that I enjoyed. I don't know. It wasn't really that great, but I still remember it, and of course it was helmed by Spielberg.

The NeverEnding Story

I liked the movie, and the concept of the bookish boy becoming a hero (yes, i was a bookish boy myself), and the music was very good.


Great gangster movie. And I love Michelle Pfeiffer. Gorgeous. Must watch.


The second in the series, and just as good as the original, though in a different way. Another science fiction classic! Must watch.

Vision Quest

Another forgettable movie except for the song Crazy for You by Madonna.

Howard the Duck

Don't lose some respect for me, but I actually liked this movie, although it has made several worst movie lists and is the "let's hide him in the basement" progeny of George Lucas. The only thing I found objectionable were those really weird moments of intimacy between the girl and the duck. Seriously. Oh, and I loved the bad-ass scorpion-like alien at the end.

How bad was it? The moments of intimacy between Lea Thompson and Howard were particularly objectionable and creepy. And no no no, Ducks do not have boobs!

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